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Your free horoscope for the week: 30 May to 5 June


May 30, 2022 – 09:42 BST

Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below…

Although Mars and Jupiter make you a rampant ram these days, remember not everyone is charged up with your rocket fuel. The New Moon suggests you think again about what you’re saying and how to present certain ideas. It’s a time to re-package and re-brand as Mercury switches direction. A New Moon in the financial area of ​​your chart flags up the need to do your sums, negotiate and reach for a more sustainable future. Especially as Mercury’s pivot in Taurus gives you the opportunity to spin a new line, discover a new thread and look at options you’ve never considered before. Monday’s Gemini New Moon spins the wheel of fortune in a new direction. This is the best time of the year to begin a new cycle of development for what you truly desire with heartfelt intention. Mercury will get back on track this week and the lines are open! The question is which way are you going to vote? You really need to press the privacy button early in the week as the New Moon is all about confidential matters and your own personal journey. There are background changes that are altering your stage-set and offering up a powerful new story-line that will take off later in June. Invitations pep you up as the New Moon in the collaboration sector of your skies encourages meetings that connect you to those on the same page. Yet Saturn is spinning into reverse from June 4th and a one-to-one relationship is reaching a defining moment. Is this person a keeper? A new option is coming up that has the potential to re-position you on the map. Yet Mercury’s change of direction spells uncertainty and unlike other signs you’re more aware of the pitfalls lurking in the background. Sit on things whilst more intel rises to the surface. Virgo you are a master of precise timing. Nothing computes when Mercury spins its wheels to turn forwards again in early June. However the New Moon offers up potential for you to focus on the long term trajectory so this is a good moment to turn on your celestial sat nav and make plans for the future journey. Just how far do you want to go with a close contact in either a business or personal capacity. The New Moon opens up a connection that requires trust on both sides. Are you going to make this a process of discovery that takes you to a new place, or press the repeat button of past history. You decide. The cosmos points you towards the impact of significant others in your life whether this is a close associate or someone else who plays a big role for you personally. The Gemini New Moon is calling you to reach out, embrace the new and take things in a new direction. Start small even though you can think big. How you operate and manage your affairs is center stage and you’re being asked to up your game even in the face of indefinable variants that pop up in your daily life. Your capable ruler Saturn is changing direction on Saturday so it’s time to apply everything you’ve learned so far to the tasks in hand. The New Moon offers some sweetness regarding entertainment, creativity and play that is a welcome antidote to hosting sensible Saturn in your sign. Talking of which, this planet of hard work is turning retrograde next Saturday and you’ll have time for a tea break and pause for reflection. You’ve already recognized that it’s how you feel about events rather than the events themselves which determines the impact they have. Therefore the New Moon is a perfect opportunity to free yourself from any drama and decide to be happy on the inside. Pretty soon the outside will reflect your contentment.

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