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WTF Fun Fact 12930 – Koala Bears Sleep 22 Hours each day

Koalas bears may be precious, nevertheless they’re a few of the minimum animals that are energetic Earth. A day (or at least from 18-22 hours) in fact, koala bears sleep 22 hours. All of those other right time they spend wanding around looking for food or mates.

koala bear facts

The koala is a marsupial (not a bear) native to Australia. They live in the eucalyptus forests in south and east Australia, which is where they find their food – it’s like sleeping at an buffet that is all-you-can-eat.

Considering exactly how competition that is brutal be among the world’s creatures, it’s a wonder that koalas still exist. They only eat one thing (eucalyptus), that thing is toxic, and it doesn’t reall have nutrients that are many. Nonetheless, they consume about 1 lb of eucalyptus a which is also where they get most of their water day.

Their little bodies can break the toxins down in means other pets can not, nevertheless, as they find a way to draw out sufficient nutritional elements to keep alive, their diet does not actually supply them with any additional power. Thus all of the resting.

Koala bears sleep a majority of their everyday lives

Beacuse eucalyptus does not supply them with sufficient nutritional elements for a diet that is high-energy koala bears sleep for the vast majority of the day – from 18-22 hours. During this time, their bodies need much of the energy they take in to break the eucalyptus down.

The sleep of their own time is specialized in success – consuming and mating become precise.

koala bear survival

Between poaching and habitat destruction, koala populations have actually plummeted. Based on nationwide Geographic (cited below): “Land clearing, signing, and bushfires—especially the damaging 2019-2020 season—have destroyed a lot of the woodland they inhabit. Koalas require lots of space—about one hundred woods per animal—a problem that is pressing Australia’s woodlands continue to shrink.”

Koalas are now on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s list of the 10 most vulnerable animals to climate change. And NatGeo notes that “Increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is decreasing the nutritional quality of eucalyptus leaves (which is already quite low) and causing longer, more intense droughts and wildfires.”

Droughts also force koalas to go in search for water, which means they have to leave their eucalyptus trees “spending precious energy and putting them at a higher risk of predation. Predators include dingoes and owls that are large. They truly are additionally vulnerable to getting struck by vehicles and attacked by dogs.”

Chlamydia normally common among pouches of koala bear populations and results in most of the pets become infertile and blind.

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Source: “Koalas 101” – nationwide Geographic

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