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WTF Fun Fact 12920 – Art Bell’s Vietnam Rescue

Art Bell had been an broadcaster that is american hosted a popular paranormal radio show called “Coast to Coast AM,” among others. But while people may know his voice, they likely do n’t know about Art Bell’s Vietnam rescue mission while he was an fresh air Force medic through the Vietnam War.

whom is Art Bell?

Art Bell came from a family that is military went on to serve in the US Air Force in the Vietnam War. It was there he indulged his childhood passion for radio by operating a pirate station that played anti-war music for American servicemen that he took up a childhood passion for radio by operating a pirate station.

He had been additionally quickly a DJ for an radio that is english-language in Okinawa. And it was there after he said shots had been fired at his home.”The that he set a Guinness World Record for broadcasting before moving back to the US to become a paranormal DJ.

According to his NYTs obituary (cited below):

“His ‘Coast to Coast’ show was syndicated and broadcast from 1989 to 2003, followed by episodic returns on satellite radio and online with a program called ‘Midnight in the Desert,’ which he canceled in 2015 obit additionally notes that

“while many experts accused him of laying the building blocks for right-wing conspiracists on talk radio, Mr. Bell’s politics weren’t effortlessly pigeonholed. He described himself as a libertarian, but their passion had been directed less at politicians or ideology than at debunking systematic and preaching prophecy that is apocalyptic”

Ultimately, he dropped the angle that is political benefit of paranormal subjects. Art Bell’s Vietnam rescue mission

While the evidence is uncertain and Art Bell’s Vietnam rescue objective is usually named one thing he just told individuals about, it’s turned out to be accepted (which is most likely provable if some body wished to look that he set his broadcasting marathon record in order to raise money for war orphans in Vietnam into it. Over 100 kiddies have been rendered orphans by the war without any anyone to take care of them. Bell chartered an airplane using the cash and brought them towards the United States, where it is stated these people were used by US families.

— WTF enjoyable facts(*)Source(*): “Art Bell, broadcast Host whom Tuned In towards the Dark Side, Dies at 72” — The nyc circumstances(*)

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