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Will Ferrell takes pictures with fans in Kinsale

The stars aligned on Monday evening in Cork as two lucky lads bumped into American actor, comedian and all-round funny man, Will Ferrell.

Jamie Hayes (17) and his friend Ian Walsh (16) had just arrived back in Kinsale by bus after a day in the city when they spotted Will Ferrell walking by with his friends.

As two big Ferrell fans, the pair made the most of the lucky encounter and grabbed a picture with the anchor star who they say is just like he is in the movies.

“He was so nice. He was genuinely the nicest person ever. All of his friends were nice as well and then he said, ‘yeah, we’ll take a picture with you’. So, we got a picture with him. Happy days,” says Jamie.

“He’s like he is in the movies. He’s just giddy and excited. It was like he met us. He was excited to take a picture with us.”

The boys spotted the 54-year-old just as they got off the bus in Kinsale. However, they were actually meant to get an earlier bus from the city but had missed it.

“We were in Cork city, and we were heading home. We missed the bus, so it was like the stars aligned to meet him,” Jamie continues.

‘He was genuinely the nicest person ever,’ says Jamie Hayes. Picture: Jamie Hayes

“As we were pulling up to Kinsale to the town car park, he was literally walking next to the bus as we were getting off. perfect timing. My friend spotted him yesterday and I was like, ‘isn’t that your man?’.”

“We got the picture, and we were looking at each other and like what the f*ck just happened,” he laughs.

As a fan of his many movies, it felt surreal to see Ferrell in the flesh.

“It was weird. It didn’t seem real. It was just really, really strange,” says Jamie.

“He was so nice, and all of his friends were so nice. He wasn’t a cranky person. He looks very serious in the pictures but that’s because his friend was like, ‘come on put on some serious faces’ but me and my friend could n’t stop smiling. ”

While the pair were too excited to ask any further questions about the star’s visit to Kinsale, it seems as though he may have been playing some golf.

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