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Will Chris Colfer See Lea Michele in Funny Woman? He States…

It appears like Chris Colfer isn’t thinking about seeing Lea Michele as the best star. 

The Glee alum handed down the chance when he was just recently welcomed to capture his previous co-star play Fanny Brice in the Broadway revival of Amusing Woman. While appearing on the Oct. 11 episode of SiriusXM’s The Michelle Collins Program, Chris joked that “my day unexpectedly got so complete” after host Michelle Collins asked him to accompany for a nighttime proving of Lea’s efficiency.

“Sorry! Sorry!” the 32-year-old continued with a laugh, triggering Michelle to describe that she had formerly seen Beanie Feldstein in the musical, so it was “just best that I see it with Lea.”

“Well, I saw 6 last night,” Chris quipped, “which was remarkable.”

So, will he make time in the future to take a look at Lea in Amusing Woman? Chris informed Michelle, “No, I can be activated in your home.”

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