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Why Jennifer Lawrence Lost Her “Sense of Control”

Jennifer Lawrence might have endured the Appetite Games, however she almost lost another kind of difficulty.

Following the success of the franchise in 2012 and her 2013 Oscar win for Finest Starlet in Silver Linings Playbook, Lawrence stated she experienced a shift in her self-autonomy as her fame escalated. 

“I believe I lost a sense of control,” the 32-year-old remembered at the London Movie Celebration’s Screen Talk series, per Range. “In Between The Appetite Games coming out and winning the Oscar, I ended up being such a product that I seemed like every choice was a huge, huge group choice.”

Though this amount of time marked an increase in her popularity, the X-Men starlet has trouble recalling at that part of her life.

“When I show now,” she stated, “I can’t consider those following years, [because there was] simply a loss of control.”

Lawrence is now taking actions to gain back the self-reliance she felt she had actually lost. This consists of handling tasks that are deeper in significance, such as her approaching mental drama Causeway, which had its best at the Toronto International Movie Celebration in September.

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