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Why Hailey Bieber’s “Brownie Glazed Lips” Are Bothersome

If you have actually been on appeal TikTok just recently, then you have actually more than likely seen Hailey Bieber’s “brownie glazed lips.” The method is easy enough: Bieber lines her lips with a brown lip pencil, mixing it somewhat with her fingers, and tops it off with a clear shiny balm from her skin-care line. Similar to the majority of Bieber’s appeal videos, the appearance instantly went viral — with brownie glazed lips taking TikTok by storm.

Here’s the problem with that: simply a couple of years earlier, the brownie glazed lip was simply brown lip liner (and in many cases an eye liner or eyebrow pencil) topped with lip gloss. More significantly, it was an appearance mainly used by Black and brown individuals since it was the only color deep enough to appear on their complexion.

Now, this is not a condemnation of Bieber or to state, in any method, that she cannot parttake in the brown lip liner and clear gloss pattern. In truth, it’s the opposite — the ’90s are back in a huge method and the lip appearance was endured daily females BIPOC and Hollywood starlets alike throughout the years, so it just makes good sense that appeal patterns of that age would wind up on a couple of state of mind boards today. The issue here depends on the repackaging of a visual, by both Bieber and her fans, that was promoted by Black and brown individuals out of deficiency. BIPOC merely did not have the vast array of choices as they do today, so the brown lip liner pattern of the ’90s was a requirement as much as it was an adorable visual.

Individuals relied on this mix when ashy, beige-toned lipsticks marketed as a “universal naked” didn’t work for them. It enabled them to attain a lip appearance that was lovely without needing to end up being cosmetic chemists — blending and matching tones to get their appropriate tones. Many individuals have not forgotten that sensation of seclusion that came when this was the only option for several years.

It deserves keeping in mind that dark lip liner and gloss likewise ended up being the reverse of what was viewed as the appeal suitable in mainly white media — a glaring contrast to how it was represented on Black and brown stars. in white media, on many television programs and mainstream films in the ’90s and early ’00s, this appearance was relegated to the antihero; the uniform for the partner that the audience was expected to like to dislike (believe Gabrielle Union in “Bring It On” or Bianca Lawson in “Conserve the Last Dance”). Whereas in Black and brown media, it was the visual (see: Nia Long in “Love Jones,” or honestly any video by Aaliyah).

Nobody is stating Bieber must be damned for utilizing brown lip liner and topping it off with a gloss. However not whatever requires to be a pithy marketing expression to offer an item.

Though there are a lot of lip-liner choices on the marketplace today, you would be tough pushed to discover a Black or brown individual who does not own a brown lip liner — at this moment, it’s been so established in our culture through generations that it’s simply something we do. That’s why slapping a brand-new name on an appearance that is practically instinctual for a huge bulk of the population is not just redundant however likewise a little insulting, particularly when you take a look at who gets “credit” for the pattern.

Once again, nobody is stating Bieber must be damned for utilizing brown lip liner and topping it off with a gloss. However not whatever requires to be a pithy marketing expression to offer an item. As much reach as Bieber has, she — much like her audience — is affected by patterns that came prior to her. There is no part of her visual that has n’t been done in the past, so here’s my recommendations prior to you relabel another appeal appearance that holds a deep significance to a marginalized group in this nation: simply do n’t.

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