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Why Dwayne Johnson’s Lowest Rated Rotten Tomatoes Movies Are Worth Watching

Every major action hero is required to make one terrible comedy with such an absurd premise that you know what you’re in for before the movie even begins. Arnold Schwarzenegger has “Jingle All the Way,” Sylvester Stallone has “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot,” Vin Diesel has “The Pacifier” … and Dwayne Johnson has “Tooth Fairy,” where he plays a hockey goon who becomes an actual tooth fairy.

Films like these have their own, skewed sort of worth. They can be watched as a guilty pleasure, with a childlike sense of wonder(ing why these major stars agreed to do this). For this reason alone, “Tooth Fairy” is a must-watch for fans of campy cinema and Dwayne Johnson completionists. However, unlike most of his action hero colleagues, Johnson is n’t a bad comedian, and he’s aided by a wild supporting cast that includes names like Julie Andrews and Billy Crystal.

The Rock is a nice and affable sort of dude on social media, and while he can be funny in a charming, one-liner spewing kind of way, his public image and movie roles tend to skew heavily toward the musclebound action hero type. Perhaps this is why it’s so easy to forget that the man has an overwhelming surplus of comedic talent. Fans who followed his pro wrestling career may remember his tendency to oversell Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Stunner finisher by going full slapstick (via Bleach Report). Of course, he’s also displayed his funny side in various movie projects, going all the way back to 2005’s “Be Cool.”

Add all this together, and “Tooth Fairy” is basically Johnson’s obligatory “so bad it’s good” movie … only, he actually delivers a decent performance, so you can watch the movie without cringing for 80 percent of its runtime.

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