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Where Does Queen Elizabeth II Live? A Guide to Her 6 Residences

On September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth died at the age of 96 from the convenience of Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The estate is among 6 residential or commercial properties consisting of the much better recognized Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, where Her Royal Highness lived throughout each year. However Balmoral wasn’t her only house beyond England; she likewise owned a castle (technically a home) in Northern Ireland that she had actually just recently started showing the nation’s Secretary of State. Here, learn more about all the locations the Queen lived throughout her historical, decades-long reign.

Buckingham Palace

The British royal commercial complex costs Buckingham Palace as the “focal point of the U.K.’s absolute monarchy,” which is to state HQ. It’s where the Queen brought to life Princes Charles and Andrew, and has actually long acted as the location for her weekly audiences with the Prime Minister. HRH was rather keen on making what are referred to as “Royal Veranda looks” on unique celebrations– under the guidance of the Queen’s Guard and their huge hats, naturally.

Image by Dan Kitwood by means of Getty Images

Image by John Stillwell – WPA Swimming Pool by means of Getty Images

The Queen inside Buckingham Palace

Balmoral Castle

Fans of The Crown are currently acquainted with Balmoral Castle, the Queen’s personal property and go-to trip in the Highlands of Scotland. (The general public is just allowed to see the ballroom and gardens.) According to her granddaughter, Princess Eugenie, the Queen was at her happiest when she was wandering its 50 acres. And yes, similar to in the Netflix series, there truly is a “ Balmoral Test“: If you wish to comfortable as much as the royals, you much better understand your royal procedure and review your searching and horseback riding ability. Princess Diana passed with flying colors. The castle later on acted as the Queen’s sanctuary in the wake of Diana’s death, and would eventually be where the Queen herself died on September 8, 2022.

Image by Tim Graham Image Library by means of Getty Images

Balmoral Castle, one of Queen Elizabeth II's six homes

Image by Keystone/Hulton Archive by means of Getty Images

The Queen sitting at her desk in Balmoral Castle

Windsor Castle

The Queen’s ties to Windsor Castle, situated less than an hour far from Buckingham right beyond London, go back to when she and Princess Margaret hid from The second world war. She would go on to invest numerous a personal weekend there, in addition to a month around each April referred to as Easter Court Do not let the truth that there are just 13 acres trick you: The castle is simply as lavish as the rest, boasting 1,000 spaces. The residential or commercial property, which was established by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, remains in truth the biggest and earliest occupied castle on the planet.

Image by Daniel LEAL/AFP by means of Getty Images

The Long Walk at Windsor Castle in England

Image by Tim Graham Image Library by means of Getty Images

The drawing room of Windsor Castle

Sandringham Estate

Apart from the corgi gravestones in the foreground, you might have informed us that the above image of Sandringham Estate’s outside was a still of Highclere Castle in Downton Abbey The royals have a yearly custom of commemorating Christmas at this nation house in Norfolk, and Queen Elizabeth II particularly had a custom of taking a trip the 100 miles from London it requires to arrive by train. (She likewise taped her yearly Christmas Day broadcast at the estate.) With 20,000 acres of land, there was a lot of space for Harry and William’s soccer (aka football) video games back when they were wee lads. With the assistance of more than 200 staff members, it each year invites around half a million visitors who pertain to take pleasure in tourist attractions such as the Windsor Farm Store or “ Apple Juice HQ.

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Three corgi graves on the grounds of Sandringham Estate

Image by Hulton Archive/Central Press by means of Getty Images

The royal family at Sandringham Estate

Palace of Holyroodhouse

As the occupant of what’s acted as the main Scotland home of the British king considering that the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth II had the ability to invest one week of the summer season in the convenience of the Palace of Holyroodhouse. You understand it needs to be great if it was when house to Mary, Queen of Scots. Luckily, the Queen had a a lot more tranquil time there than Mary, who experienced her personal secretary get stabbed 56 times in the Dinner Space near her bed chamber.

Image by Tim Graham Image Library by means of Getty Images

Holyrood House, one of Queen Elizabeth II's Scotland homes

Dan Kitwood/AFP by means of Getty Images

The Queen and the Pope at the Place of Holyroodhouse

Hillsborough Castle

Finally, there’s Hillsborough Castle, where the Queen remained whenever she checked out Northern Island. Relatively speaking, however, this one isn’t too royal. The 94-year-old king shared it with the nation’s Secretary of State. (It’s thought about a “ politically neutral location“) What’s more, the castle is in fact a home; back in the 18th century, it prevailed for the abundant upper castles to highlight their household antiquity. Whatever you wish to call it, the Queen initially relocated when she was a 20-year-old princess “discovering the ropes” of royal abroad sees such as the one listed below with then-Irish president Mary McAleese.

Image by Samir Hussein/Pool/WireImage by means of Getty Images

Hillsborough Castle in Ireland

Image by Rota/Anwar Hussein Collection by means of Getty Images

The Queen meeting with the Irish president at Hillsborough Castle

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