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What’s going on in the zodiac signs this week?

As we start the week with the new month that takes place on Monday, new education, communication and communication issues are on the agenda of this new month. There may be some delays, delays, and setbacks in these matters as the ruling planet of the new moon continues its retrograde, as Mercury retrograde in Taurus can be quite slow and clumsy, so it may require some patience but also perseverance. Also, it can easily trigger negative thinking when it is in a hard aspect with Saturn. The new moon receives support from Mars, which is like a flint at this time, so the heat and ignition in these matters can come to us very quickly like a spark.

With the Moon moving into Cancer after the new moon, the atmosphere gets a little softer, and emotions may surface. Mercury retrograde ends on June 3, communication and communication can accelerate. At the end of the week, Saturn goes retrograde. While Saturn is retrograde, business and social life may slow down a little, progress in career matters may not be easy, and the pace of social life may stall. On the other hand, Saturn Retrogrades can be used effectively and efficiently in terms of making business plans, setting goals, researching and developing.

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