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What to see in Labin (Croatia)

The area of Istria is filled with little lovely towns. Labin, situated in its northeastern part, is house to some stunning historical architecture, great deals of culture and it provides a few of the very best sea views in Istria. If you’re preparing to check out that beautiful town and questioning what to see in Labin, then keep reading.

What to see in Labin

Labin is most well-known for its Old Town positioned on the hill above the Adriatic Sea. Nevertheless, the town is rather crucial as the birth place of Matija Vlačić Ilirik, the closest partner of Martin Luther.

To assist you explore it, here is the Labin Travel Guide with locations you shouldn’t miss out on in Labin.

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Labin Old Town

Labin Old Town is a spectacular location filled with sloping narrow streets, vibrant homes and many churches. You’ll discover numerous galleries and memento stores there, too.

Saint Florian’s Gate 

Address: Ulica Alda Negrija 16, 52220 Labin

The historic part of Labin is surrounded by strong city walls. The primary entryway to the town of Labin was the Saint Florian’s Gate. Above the door, you’ll discover sculpted the coat of arms of Labin and a lion, a sign of the Venetian age. The door was integrated in 1587 as a part Venetian wall. The year of building and the image of Saint Mark’s are sculpted on the door. 

As soon as you go into those gates, you’ll discover yourself surrounded by middle ages streets, which are enjoyable to check out and will lead you to many amazing websites worth checking out in Labin.

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Labin primary square & the Loggia

Address: Stari trg, 52220 Labin

The primary Labin square, called Stari trg, is a beautiful location to begin your walk around that lovely Croatian town. It consists of an unspoiled loggia from the 16th century. That historical website is house to a little hotel today, making it a terrific location to remain in Labin.

Loggia was developed around 1550 and remodelled in 1662. There belongs of lapidarium there with the historical crest of the town of Labin and noble Labin households. 

Parish Church of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Address: Šetalište San Marco 77, 52220 Labin

Labin Old Town is house to many intriguing churches. The greatest one is the Parish Church of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It’s one of the unusual maintained monoliths from the Venetian age. It was integrated in the Romanesque and Gothic designs, with parts revealing the Renaissance, Baroque, and Neoclassicism, making it among the most remarkable structures in Labin.

Its interior is similarly excellent with an interesting altar and numerous other stunning artefacts.

POINTER: A fascinating statue lies in among the specific niches in front of the church – a gorgeous Venetian lion. It holds an open book with an engraving: ‘Pax tibi Marce’ (Peace to you, Mark). It demonstrates how Venice remained in peace at the time of the church’s building. If Venice was at war at the time of sculpting, a lion would keep the closed book.  You’ll discover these statues on numerous monoliths on the Adriatic coast.

Saint Stephen Chapel

Address: Šetalište San Marco 77, 52220 Labin

Simply beside it, you’ll discover another website you shouldn’t miss out on while in Labin – Saint Stephen Chapel. It’s much smaller sized than the previous structure however absolutely a must-see location in Labin.

The chapel was integrated in the 17th century. It is a little Baroque church house to the tombs of the well-known Labin residents. It was remodelled in 1991, and it’s primarily utilized as a gallery today.

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Chapel of Saint Mary of Carmel

Address: Ulica Prvog Maja, 52220 Labin

A little, narrow Chapel of Saint Mary of Carmel is likewise utilized as an art gallery called Alvona today. The church was integrated in 1615 and remodelled a couple of times ever since. The wood altar in its interior is a witness of its previous function. 

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Battiala – Lazzarini Palace

Address: Šetalište San Marco 77, 52220 Labin

The Old Town is house to numerous excellent palaces that need to discover their put on your list of locations to see in Labin.

The Baroque Battiala-Lazzarini Palace, situated in the Old Town centre, beside the parish church, is among the most stunning structures in Labin.

The palace’s building began in 1630 and was started by the Battiala household.

The palace’s highlight is the extensive red colour of its exterior, extravagantly embellished with architectural components in white stone.

It has 3 floorings with an entryway atrium from where you can go upstairs to the very first flooring (piano nobile) and visit its primary hall. 

There are 2 spaces on each side of the primary hall, and the very same space design is on the 2nd flooring. Today, the palace is house to the National Museum of Labin and definitely a must-see location in Labin.

The Scampicchio Palace

Address: Šetalište San Marco 77, 52220 Labin

Another excellent structure situated on the other side of the parish church is the Scampicchio Palace.

It is among the most well-known palaces integrated in the 15th century, owned by that reputable honorable household. 

You can see the household crest still on its exterior. It has a bird’s wing and a leg in its main field. 

The Scampicchio household initially originated from Rijeka. Not long after reaching Labin, they were delegated with keeping the town archives saved in their palace in the Old Town. Antonio Scampicchio was Labin’s mayor and a Istrian Parliament agent. As he had an interest in geology and archaeology, he established the very first museum collection in Istria by putting together the collection of geological rarities of the Istrian area. 

The household provided numerous intellectuals and mayors of Labin through history till the 1920s, when they transferred to Italy.

The Franković – Vlačić Palace

Address: Ulica Giuseppine Martinuzzi 7, 52220 Labin

The website you need to absolutely place on your list of locations to see in Labin is the Franković – Vlačić Palace. It is the birth place of Matija Vlačić Ilirik, among the most important European scholars of the 16th century. A flexible philologist, theologist, historian and researcher, he was among the most popular advocates of the Protestant reform in Istria. 

His Memorial Collection is kept in this Baroque palace. The collection includes 3 parts. Its intro provides the area of Istria and Labin. The 2nd part is committed to towns and figures from the Illyrian motion, while the 3rd part displays his books.

Saint Simply Bell – Tower

Address: Joakima Rakovca 4, 52220 Labin

Saint Simply Bell is among the most recognisable websites in Labin. Found in its Old Town, it is committed to the tutelary saint of Labin – Saint Simply. The tower was integrated in 1623 on the website as soon as inhabited by the Church of Saint Simply. The tower is 35 metres (around 115 feet) high, making it a recognisable Labin landmark.

POINTER: You can climb up the Saint Simply Tower and take pleasure in a wonderful view of Labin, Istria and the Adriatic Sea from it.

The Little Theatre

Address: Mali trg, 52220 Labin

While walking around Labin’s narrow streets, you’ll certainly discover a distinct yellow structure – the Little Theatre. 

It was integrated in the mid-19th century on a previous grain storage facility website. 

The building and adjustment of the theatre were funded by the members of the theatre performers. The very first authorities theatre performers was established in 1840. Nevertheless, its history returns to the start of the 19th century when Labin youth staged plays. 

The theatre structure had various functions – it functioned as barracks and a sports hall for a long time. After the opening of the movie theater in 1938, the occupants called the developing the Little Theatre or Teatrino. 

POINTER: Especially intriguing is the vault of the theatre, which was embellished in 1893 by the Pula artist Giovanni Demori.

Windows of Labin’s Legends

Address: Old Town

Although it’s a lovely historic town, Labin is likewise house to some contemporary art.

A job called Windows of Labin’s Legends is an exhibit in the Labin Old Town. It includes murals found in the windows of the Labin historic palaces and structures.

The primary objective of the task is to consist of residents in the activities of conservation and promo of the identity, custom, culture and custom-mades of the Labin location.

Murals reveal individuals who left a strong effect on the Labin location. The instructor, author and innovative Giuseppina Martinuzzi, creator of electrical speedometer Josip Belušić, well-known carver Mate Čvrljak, miner Antun Bičić, crucial scholar, Matija Vlačić Ilirik and handball legend, Klaudio Brezac Mikot are simply some displayed in the murals.

Birth home of Giuseppina Martinuzzi 

Address: Ulica Paola Sfecija 4, 52220 Labin

Giuseppina Martinuzzi was the Istrian instructor, author and innovative born in 1844. Among the streets in Labin Old Town was called after her. Nevertheless, you’ll discover your house where she was born, not far from the city centre. 

Your home was integrated in the 19th century, and the yard exterior has some components of the Secession. On the very first flooring of the yard exterior, you’ll discover a stone relief with a lion of Saint Mark.

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Sculpture Park Dubrova 

Address: Štrmac 85, 52231 Nedešćina

Sculpture park Dubrova is an extraordinary location you need to check out while in Labin.

It is outside the city centre, however it will take you just 10 minutes by cars and truck to arrive.

It includes 71 sculptures made considering that 1970, when Mediterranean Sculpture Seminar was developed. Each year ever since, an art house has actually been arranged in it. Lots of well-known Croatian and around the world artists developed statues of Istrian stone throughout that time. 

A unique part of the walk there is the White Roadway. You can roam around it and check out sixteen locations embellished by various artists. 

Where to consume in Labin

If you get starving while checking out Labin, there is a really well-known location for Italian pizza and cannelloni called Rumore, simply beyond the Old Town. You’ll have some scrumptious food there, all while delighting in a gorgeous view from it.

If you choose fish, there is a lovely fishing town, Trget, situated some 9 kilometres (around 5 miles) far from Labin. A dining establishment by the sea called Martin Pescador serves fresh fish simply secured of the sea.

The closest beach to Labin

If you wish to swim or simply stroll by the beach, Rabac is just 5 kilometres (around 3 miles) away and it has a few of the most stunning beaches in Istria. 

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Great deals of culture, intriguing stories and an excellent meal await you in Labin and the location. You will most absolutely enjoy it whenever you choose to go there, in summer season and even winter season. I hope this Labin travel guide assisted you choose what to see in Labin.

Have you been to Labin? Would you include anything else to this list? Let me understand in the remarks listed below.

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