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What is Affirmation? How to Affirm?

Affirmation studies are studies to get rid of negative thoughts and adopt positive thoughts. Certain positively prepared thought patterns are repeated with certain numbers and sent to the subconscious. The most effective method for this is the 21-day rule. We know that everything repeated for 21 days becomes a habit for us. Likewise, if we have a bad habit, we can get rid of our bad habits by staying away for 21 days. The important thing here will be to make these affirmations by believing. Nothing we do without faith will help us.

So On What Subjects Can We Make These Suggestions?

Earning money, attracting the right relationship into our lives, feeling good, feeling confident, self-reliant, getting rid of our ancestral karma, getting rich, living a peaceful life, forgiving ourselves, forgiving others, opening our hearts to love, starting over, listening to our intuition more, happy We can make affirmations on many issues such as feeling good, getting rid of bad eating habits, breaking down the blocks on not being able to lose weight, gaining weight, realizing our own strength, purification, raising our energy and many more, and we can get countless benefits from this.

Here are some important points to consider. First of all, we should make an affirmation focusing on one topic at a time. For example, we want to make an affirmation to get rich and get away from the psychology of scarcity. First of all, we should calm our minds, and if we are in a suitable state, we can also relax our body with yoga and similar exercises. A holistic relaxation of the body and mind will be very beneficial in such a study. Then we can do this work in a slightly dimly lit room. A light meditation music to focus and lighting a candle will preferably be helpful if we are sure we will not fall asleep. First, we need to start by acknowledging the problem and repeating the existing problem and saying that we forgive ourselves. For example, if we have a scarcity psychology, we can start an affirmation exercise with the thought that I know this and forgive myself. It can be very helpful to do breathing exercises before the affirmation work.

Repeating the affirmation sentence 21 times in a row calmly and believing will be enough for the message to go to your subconscious. The important thing here is to internalize and internalize the meaning of the sentence we have constructed. From time to time, we experience blockages in certain chakra areas. Then, no matter how many times we repeat the affirmation sentences, we may not get results for a long time. We can do various studies to open the blocks. Reiki exercises will be the most beneficial among them. If we are not attuned with Reiki, we can ask someone with Reiki attunement for help with such a study. An affirmation practice that continues for 21 days will be very useful.

How Can We Benefit From Astrology While Doing Affirmation Studies?

A person can see why he or she has blockages in which areas by looking at his own astrological chart, that is, his natal chart, which we also call his birth chart. For this, he can also get counseling from an astrologer who is an expert in his field. Thus, a study can be made on the problems, blockages and their sub-reasons.

Which Days Can We Get More Benefit While Doing Affirmation Practices?

Like everything else in our lives, every day has its own energy. If an affirmation will not be continued for 21 days and will be repeated once, then there are days when we can repeat these affirmations. If we do the right work on the right day, we can get the maximum benefit from what we do. Astrologically, Thursday is Jupiter and Friday is Venus. In today’s studies, we can do these studies with more focus and faith. We also get more positive feedback from our work. Affirmation times that we can benefit from astrologically can be the time periods when the Moon has positive aspects with Neptune or Jupiter.

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