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What is a highlight and how is it done? What are the Types of Highlights?

Hair dyeing and hair coloring processes are named differently according to the technique applied. Highlighting is a process that adds shine to the hair and is preferred by users with dark hair. In highlighting, the hair is dyed in different tones and highlights are made by adding lighter tones to the dark tones. The aim is to complete the process without making the hair look unnatural while highlighting. The highlighting process is divided into different types within itself.

The most popular type of highlight is the bottom highlight. In the bottom highlighting process, the hair is dyed from the bottom and unlike the normal highlighting, the hair looks more natural and lively in this painting process.

Another type of highlighting is skewer highlighting and it is made by choosing color tones close to the natural color of the hair. In the dyeing process, the hair is dyed in thin tufts and the most natural highlighting type is the skewer highlighter.

Meç highlighting is done by attaching a rag cap to the hair during dyeing, and the hair is removed with the help of a fine-tipped comb over this cap and the dyeing process is performed. It is also possible to see sharp color transitions in this dyeing process.

The highlight type, also known as gradient-ombre, is used to express the application made only to a certain area of ​​the hair, and there are no rules to be followed during this application. The color intensity is decided upon the request of the users.

Balayage is applied by creping the hair and is generally preferred by users who want shine on the ends of the hair.

Palette, which is one of the highlights, is obtained by dyeing large tufts of hair, and in this dyeing method, the coloring is more intense and the natural color remains in the background.

Highlighting, which is the most preferred dyeing technique for users who want to achieve a pleasant shine and vitality in their hair, is an important application in terms of achieving color harmony.

How to Highlight?
It is important to pay attention to some details when highlighting. Color selection is an important detail to make the process look natural, and usually using a lighter shade of hair color helps to get excellent results. Let’s examine the production stages of the highlight, which must be carefully applied to make the hair look glamorous.

First of all, it is necessary to prepare for the painting process; hair is combed well.

During painting, the ears, forehead and neck are usually creamed using a cream such as vaseline so that no paint residues remain on the skin.

The hair is prepared according to the highlight type determined according to the hair color and harmony, and the hair removal process is started.

Hair lightener is applied to the hair and since the opening time changes depending on the color tone of the hair, it is checked whether the hair wrapped in foils is opened regularly.

The opened hair is washed and the dye is applied to the hair. Generally, 2 or 3 tones of light-colored dye is applied to the hair to achieve harmony with the left hair.

After waiting for about 30 minutes, the hair is washed and the highlighting process ends.

The highlighting process with chemical-containing products is a process that should be done carefully. For this reason, making the highlighting by professional people provides more accurate results. In addition, it is necessary to carry out the process carefully in order to prevent the hair from wearing out and burning due to chemicals. It is generally not recommended for users with blond hair to highlight, and after this process, it is possible for the hair to break off by wearing more. Highlighting, which is often applied to thin hair, may not always give the desired result in thick hair. It is not recommended to apply highlighter on hair that is worn and broken by too many processes. During the opening process, broken hair is more worn and there is a risk of breaking the hair from time to time. For this reason, before doing the procedure, you can get an idea about whether to apply highlighting to the hair by taking expert advice.

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