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What Does Keratin Do, What Are Its Benefits? How to Care for Keratin?

The interest in hair care products is increasing day by day and keratin is among the products that have an important place in hair care. If you are looking for an answer to the question of what is keratin, the answer is as follows: Keratin is the protein that hair and nails need. The cornerstone of keratin is amino acids, and vitamin B7 and zinc are needed for the keratin protein to reach the hair ends and nails in sufficient quantities. Keratin, which nourishes the nails and hair in the body, makes the hair and nails strong. In addition, the necessary keratin for each hair strand is found insufficient in the body from time to time, and in such cases, it is necessary to apply keratin to the hair or nails. Keratin is a protein necessary for the formation and health of hair.

What Are the Benefits of Keratin?

The hair, which is affected by environmental factors such as dirt, dust, sun rays and stress, loses its shine from time to time and starts to dry and tangle frequently. At this point, the keratin value needed by the hair should be injected into the hair and the hair should regain its former strength. We can list the benefits of keratin as follows:

  • It nourishes the hair follicles by protecting the hair and also protects the hair against sun rays.

  • Keratin, which restores the shine of the hair, also supports the strengthening of the hair.

  • Another benefit of keratin, which repairs over-processed and damaged hair, is to make the hair look lively and radiant.

  • After the keratin application, the hair that is tangled frequently is combed more easily.

  • Keratin, which takes care of dry and weak hair, also fights against the problem of hair loss by preventing hair loss.

  • Keratin, which repairs the hair, protects the hair and makes the hair glamorous and soft.

  • Repairs hair that has been burned during dyeing or bleaching.

  • It balances the vitamins and minerals needed by the hair and scalp and increases the low keratin values.

  • The most important benefit of keratin is that it nourishes the hair from root to tip.

  • It helps thin and damaged hair to look voluminous and full again.

  • It is effective against flaking on the scalp.

  • Keratin, which strengthens thin hair, also supports the shine of dull hair.

  • It repairs hair that is difficult to comb or breaks very often, making the hair soft and easy to comb.

How to Care for Keratin?

Keratin care, which is one of the most favorite treatments in the field of hair care in recent years, is usually done in hairdressers and beauty salons. Since it is a little difficult to do at home, many users have this process done by experts. Before starting the keratin treatment, the hair is washed with a special shampoo and the hair is purified from the dirt, dust or oil in the hair. Shampoo should be left on the hair for at least 2 minutes and the aim is for the keratin to penetrate the hair better. Keratin is applied to damp hair and this process is done gradually. The aim is to ensure that the keratin reaches each hair strand. After applying keratin to the entire hair, the hair is washed after about 30 minutes. The hair is dried and blow-dried at low temperature to keep the keratin in the hair. Using a special shampoo or cream for hair after keratin treatment ensures that the life of the keratin treatment is longer. In addition, the hair that has been treated with keratin for at least 24 hours should not undergo any treatment. In addition, collecting, braiding or tying the hair is not recommended as it will leave scars. Thanks to the keratin care, hair loss is reduced and the hair regains its lively appearance. On the other hand, keratin care, which is effective for a maximum of 4-6 months, also provides the protein that the hair needs, leading to faster hair growth.

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