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WHAT DOES JULY 11-17 BRING TO YOUR zodiac sign?

As we welcome a new week, the Moon progresses in Sagittarius, increasing movement, speed and activity. Fire elements can enable us to enter living environments.

On the evening of July 13, a full moon occurs in Capricorn. While we are going through a period where we focus on home and family issues, the full moon in Capricorn reminds of duties and responsibilities, seriousness, business life and invites a little coolness. Because the Moon in Capricorn is cold, distant and realistic. It can be an emotionally restrictive process, but it can also teach us to control our emotions. After all, Capricorn is a Saturn sign and Saturn is the instructive planet in astrology. Moreover, it can be extra maturing and instructive when it is under the sign of Aquarius, which is strong at this time. Besides, this full moon is taking Pluto with it, and it can have powerful effects. It can enable us to take important decisions that can bring transformation, especially in areas that affect our social standing and appearance, such as status, career, image. We can leave emotional thinking aside and go through a full moon process that invites more concrete and realistic decisions.

The Moon, which moves into Aquarius after the full Moon, softens this serious atmosphere a little and includes friends and social environment. We can enjoy sharing ideas. As we close the week, the Moon moving into Pisces can reveal our altruistic aspects.

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