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What does beauty mean to you?

Malaysians share their thoughts on what beauty is to them.

Jeremy Wong, 27, accountant

Of course, there is the physical aspect of beauty but it’s more than that. It’s also your personality and character, how you carry yourself and how you treat people. All that is important too.

Rina Mohd Jalil, 32, beauty consultant

Speaking as someone in the industry, beauty is skin deep in the sense that you’ve to take care of your skin in order to be beautiful. Physical beauty can be achieved with proper diet, exercise, clothing, even surgery – it’s all about outer appearances. But it’s also the overall package and what’s inside is also important.

Aspire to be your best – whether it’s physical appearances or improving yourself by learning new things. Photo: Pixabay

Jonathan Pillai, 40, lawyer

There is inner as well as outer beauty. Both are important and there needs to be balance. But some people swing to either extreme – they are obsessed with outer beauty but neglect what’s on the inside, while others focus on building what’s on the inside but fail to realize that their physical appearance also matters. Whether you want to admit or not, first impressions do count.

Marini Tan Abdullah, 56, schoolteacher

A lot of women feel that outer beauty isn’t important because it’s what’s inside that counts, and that they shouldn’t have to change for a man. and vice versa. But I disagree with this because it’s the total package. Aspire to be your best – whether it’s physical appearances or improving yourself by learning new things.

CK Wong, 25, personal assistant

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If a guy likes slim and petite girls, then he might not find athletic or taller girls attractive. Likewise, if a girl likes tall and lean guys, she might not like guys who are shorter or heavier. So it’s all about personal preference.

Most people feel that beauty is a total package.  Photo: PixabayMost people feel that beauty is a total package. Photo: Pixabay

Syamsuddin S, 38, businessman

To me, it’s a person’s personality and character that makes him or her beautiful. They make you feel comfortable and you can be yourself around them. They bring out the best in you. They are able to make you laugh and cheer you up whenever you’re down.

Physical beauty? Nowadays, a lot of people are into gym life and they think fit is beautiful. But anything in extreme isn’t beautiful. Personally, I think curvy is nice, not too thin and not too muscular. Don’t hate me but I think abs on a girl is not beautiful.

Farah L, 19, student

beauty? It depends … some people are confused. They think beautiful, pretty, sexy, and attractive are all the same. But, pretty is when you’re looking at a girl’s face, sexy is when you’re looking at her body, attractive is pleasing to the eye-like make-up and clothing helps, and beautiful is when you see her heart.

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