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What Does A “Perfect” Family Look Like Now? Whatever You Want It To

Never mind that the two weren’t married – Cosmao was enjoying what was then a fledgling romance with Jack Borkett, a contributing fashion editor at British Vogue. But, in 2018, Durieux, now 41, had mentioned to Cosmao, now 36, at a party (he’s a communications director at Paco Rabanne; she’s the head of corporate press and partnerships at Louis Vuitton) that she had frozen her eggs, having just exited a toxic relationship. Cosmao replied that he’d always longed for children and thus began the unconventional but loving family the duo have created for their son, Milo.

In short order they met each other’s parents, drew up a custody contract and within a year Durieux was pregnant. The two moved into an apartment together in Paris. “It was important that we had a family environment,” says Durieux. Several weeks later, Paris went into the first in a series of lockdowns, so Borkett moved in too. Cosmao and Durieux shared the night feeds and nappy-changing and Borkett did the cooking.

Today, two-year-old Milo is shy but thriving, as Cosmao plays the disciplinarian, Durieux the peacemaker and Borkett the entertainer (he has since moved to his own apartment, but spends most of his time playing with Milo). The dynamic will change again when the parents move into separate homes later this year, though they plan to live a few streets from each other. Milo will spend one week with his father, one with his mother, and they’ll holiday together at least one week a year. it works. As Cosmao says: “Sometimes at the doctor, people will say, ‘That’s a very happy kid. We can tell there is a lot of love in your house.’ It’s quite rewarding.” Ellie Pithers

From left: Christiana Tien Tran (born Quynh-Tien Minh Tran), Leo Ai Wesolowski, Wolf Anh Wesolowski, Katrin Wesolowski and baby Luma Linh Wesolowski. Shifting to remote work, Tran says, “I was gifted the tremendous silver lining of getting to be present with my family and create a new reality with them.”

Annie Leibovitz

Christiana Tien Tran & Katrin Wesolowski

Christiana Tien Tran and Katrin Wesolowski have plenty in common, both career-wise and love-wise: both women work as talent agents in the fashion industry and they’ve built a beautiful home in New York with their three children (twins Wolf Ahn and Leo Ai Wesolowski, five, and Luma Linh Wesolowski, one) over the past few years. Still, the changes brought on by the pandemic hit both mums hard, though they ultimately saw it as an opportunity.

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