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What are the Benefits of St. John’s Wort Oil, What Does It Do? What are the Effects on the Skin?

Gentian oil is one of the organic oil varieties obtained from the flowers of the centaury plant. The flowers of St. John’s Wort are collected and the flowers are cleaned from weeds and dried. Dried flowers are placed in closed tubes and olive oil is added on top. This mixture is left in a closed position in a place that receives sunlight, and centaury oil is obtained by shaking it from time to time. The products recommended to be stored in a cool and dry place are divided into two as yellow and red centaury oil. The vegetable oil obtained from the products is used in many fields in alternative medicine and the benefits of the products are innumerable. Centaury oil, which has countless benefits for the skin, is only one of the most used oil types in herbal treatments.

What are the Benefits of Centaury Oil?

Centaury oil, which is actively used in the field of herbal therapy and alternative medicine, has a wide range of uses. The places where it is used most frequently are as follows:

  • Centaury oil is important for skin health, and the products support the metabolism in cell renewal and allow the wounds to heal in a short time with regular use.

  • The products are used in the treatment of scars and burn marks.

  • The antioxidants contained in the product are used to reduce inflammation in the treatment of infectious diseases.

  • Centaury oil removes acne scars on the skin with regular use.

  • Centaury oil, which is used in the herbal treatment of infected wounds on the skin, also fights against the problem of athlete’s foot.

  • One of the benefits of St. John’s Wort oil, which is effective in the treatment of skin infections, is to provide the moisture that the skin needs.

  • With regular use, it removes wrinkles on the skin surface and ensures that the skin regains its brightness.

  • Centaury oil, which is one of the important products for hair care, fights against hair loss problems by feeding hair follicles and makes users’ hair stronger and bushy.

  • Centaury oil can be used against the problem of dandruff, which is an enemy for beautiful and well-groomed hair.

  • Especially St. John’s Wort oil is one of the herbal treatment methods of users suffering from stomach discomfort. It is used to treat bloating, indigestion, constipation or stomach pains.

  • It fights eczema, one of the skin problems, and softens the skin, moisturizes it and minimizes itching problems.

  • St. John’s Wort oil is also good for rheumatism and relieves rheumatic pains.

  • The products are also effective against varicose veins.

  • Centaury oil, which is also used in the treatment of muscle pain, is applied by massaging the painful areas and provides relief from muscle pain.

  • Centaury oil, which is one of the important oils for skin care, provides equalization of skin tone in regular use.

  • Centaury oil is also actively used in hair care, thanks to the minerals and vitamins it contains. With regular use, it repairs the fractures in the hair and the hair starts to grow healthier.

  • The products, which are actively used in flaking or dandruff problems on the scalp, are applied to the scalp once or twice a week and the hair is washed after waiting for at least 30 minutes.

  • Centaury oil can be used by adding certain measures to shampoo or hair care products, and the products nourish the hair from root to tip.

  • Centaury oil, which is also used orally, is actively used in the treatment of digestive system disorders. This vegetable oil, which is used before meals, also fights the problem of constipation by accelerating digestion.

  • It is recommended to use centaury oil, which is generally used by mixing very little with a food such as yoghurt, under the control of experts.

Centaury oil, one of the most important oils of herbal treatments, is one of the products recommended to be found in every home. The fact that the products have benefits in dozens of different areas such as skin, digestive system, wound and infection treatments, hair care are just a few of the things that make the products indispensable.

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