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What 14 Stylish Moms Want for Mother’s Day


Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts can make the most attentive kids, siblings, or friends wish they were mind-readers. You ca n’t exactly ask the stylish matriarch in your life to pick out her own present—and where’s the fun in that? But with expert recommendations from other well-dressed moms, you’ll get closer to finding a gift she’ll love.

In pursuit of the best Mother’s Day gifts, we asked 14 mothers in fashion to share what they really want to open on May 8 this year. The moms in your circle likely have had their fill of flowers, chocolates, and family initial necklaces. So instead, this list will steer you toward unique (and on-time) presents. good american CEO and co-founder Emma Grede is hoping to upgrade her cooking game with top-of-the-line cutlery, while Hatch’s Ariane Goldman is daydreaming about a disco home decor accent to liven up her space. At least two moms in our Rolodex are after wellness presents that infuse a sense of luxury into their busy routines. All together, the following 14 gifts will make any mom’s day feel that much more special. We know, because we asked.

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I would love to receive a set of Miyabi kitchen knives for Mother’s Day. I love to cook for my family and am obsessed with tableware and items for the kitchen. These beautiful knives last forever and the craftsmanship is exquisite.” —Emma Grede, co-founder and CEO of good american

“Staying ahead of the style curve this Mother’s Day means pink shoes for me. From the Versace Medusa Aevitas platform pump to the Attico mule, I’m dreaming in pink. If I really have to choose one gift I’d like this year, Hanifa is a Black-owned brand that I’ve supported for a few years and this new piece is my latest obsession: a metallic, fuchsia statement shoe that will take my wardrobe to the next level. Jewelry and accessories have always been a key element in my everyday style, and shoes are always a perfect gift.”—MoAnA Luu, founder of ManLuu

“One of my favorite beauty brands is Augustinus Bader. I have four kids and they are always asking what to give me for holidays and my birthday. I always tell them the Augustinus Bader body cream.” —Rosetta Getty, founder of Rosetta Getty

“I would love to receive the Beach Sweater from Marea in the biggest size – I love an oversized sweater! They’re made from hand dyed Italian cashmere and are so beautifully simple, but luxurious. Marea really takes a wardrobe staple and elevates it to the next level.” –Jessie Randall, founder and creative director of Loeffler Randall

Ombre-Tan Mini Fringe Bag

“The natural movement created by the fringe is beautiful. I connect with the second-generation creator of the brand and I love that the core inspo behind her signature product is from her home country. I love people who create modern products with their heritage in mind.” —Su Paek, co-founder of Find Me Now

“So much of parenthood is unglamorous and tedious, tactical and practical. It’s nice to enjoy the opposite, one in a while! These earrings are special but minimal and versatile. I’d feel fancy every time I put them on.” —Maggie Winter, co-founder of SET

19 Degree Aluminum Continental Carry On Suitcase

“To make up for multiple ‘staycations,’ I’m looking for a luggage upgrade this Mother’s Day. Chic yet durable, this aluminum carry on is the perfect travel partner— ready for any destination on your wishlist. Hoping to be somewhere on a beach with my kids or somewhere only me and my new Tumi are welcome…joking!? If the suitcase’s sleek look isn’t enough of a selling point, it even has a place for those special pieces you prefer to keep on a hanger—an added touch I definitely appreciate, especially in a carry-on.” —Caroline Maguire, fashion director at shopbop


“Baby2Baby is an incredible organization Revolve supports, to which a donation at any time would be a gift for so many mothers. And personally, time with my daughter is always the best thing I could ever ask for.” —Raissa Gerona, chief brand officer of Revolve and FWRD

“I’d love to receive Claiborne Swanson Frank’s new book ‘Mother and Child’ as a Mother’s Day gift. I’ve long admired Claiborne’s photography and it would be a gorgeous addition to any coffee table book collection. As a mom, it’s inspiring to read other’s stories. Add the beautiful photography throughout, and it makes the perfect gift for any mom in your life.” – Lauren Stephens, Co-Founder and CEO of Dudley Stephens

Opaque Mint Glass Cups – Set of 4

“I’m obsessed with the glass cups from Maison Balzac. They are utilitarian and works of art at the same time. I’m particularly fascinated by this 4-piece set of mint cups.” — Rebecca Henry, co-founder of House of Ama

“I am beyond bags and jewelry and now I only want furniture and art for all gifts. Please take note. Next up? This mid-century Frenchie table that will elevate any room it graces.” —Kerry Pieri, BAZAAR.com digital fashion director

Kelly Wearstler x Rotganzen – Malibu

“I’m obsessed with this art object from Kelly Wearstler. I’m craving for this because it’s fun, pretty to look at, and reminds me of the long days of disco before raising kids and running a business. I still like to fancy myself as a night owl, so I’d place it in my boudoir as a reminder to put on my dancing shoes.” —Ariane Goldman, founder of hatch

“Timeless jewelry with unique designs always merchandise my lifestyle as a mom, or even as a working woman. On-the-go life is elevated by a small meaningful statement; it makes my every day more fun and special.” —Jittrinee Kaeojinda co-founder of PIPATCHARA

“I am an avid yogi. The time to do yoga is always on my list for Mother’s Day. Paired with the time, I would love this customized yoga mat. I can choose my own colors and themes to support my practice. The material is amazing, the company is founded by a mission driven CEO.” —Louisa Serene Schneider, founder and CEO of Rowan

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