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We’re So Thrilled to Expose These Tricks of Conserved By the Bell

21. Jessie’s notorious caffeine tablet dependency? Yeah, it was a bit excessive, which’s since she was initially expected to end up being addicted to speed.

“What fans do not understand is that, when I initially composed the episode with Tom Tenowich, Jessie was hooked on speed, not caffeine tablets,” Engel composed in his narrative. “However Standards and Practices, the censorial department of NBC, banned it, stating speed was too major for Saturday early mornings.” 

Still wishing to check out the major concern of dependency, along with the pressure kids can place on themselves, Engel and Standards and Practices ultimately jeopardized on caffeine tablets.

22. In 2009, Diamond made headings when he released a tell-all book about the program and his previous co-stars called Behind the Bell (which would end up being the source product for Life time’s The Unapproved Conserved By the Bell Story in 2014). In the narrative, he made accusations of steroid usage, hook-ups and other off-camera shenanigans, the majority of which were exposed by the cast. “Whatever that I have actually become aware of his book is unfavorable and I do not keep in mind those things,” Gosselaar informed E! News at the time. 

While the remainder of the cast had actually stayed close throughout the years, Diamond lost touch and his tell-all was the last straw, with the star being neglected of their reunion for the 20th anniversary established by Individuals publication in 2009.

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