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Wandavision’s Matt Shakman will direct the Apple TV+ Godzilla and Titans series – UPS Mag

Matt Shakman has been named as the director of Apple TV+’s Godzilla series. The Legendary’s untitled live-action Godzilla series, which was announced earlier this year, is one of the most exciting future releases. Now we know who will be the first director to work on this enormous series. Matthew Shakmanof WandaVision will direct the first two episodes of the series, according to Apple TV +. Shakman will also act as an executive producer.

The series recounts the aftermath of Godzilla’s battle in San Francisco, as the world learns of huge monsters’ existence. The series will cross paths with the enigmatic Monarch group, much like the MonsterVerse’s big screen escapades. Shakman has been in high demand since WandaVision. In addition, the director is set to direct Star Trek 4, which will reunite the cast from the previous three films and will be released on December 22, 2023.

With the film’s release date still a year away, it’s possible that Shakman may direct the first two episodes of Godzilla before moving on to the next Starship Enterprise adventure. By directing Godzilla, the director will have directed films in the MonsterVerse, Star Trek, and other franchises. In the last few years, Shakman has established himself as a highly regarded television director. Shakman received an Emmy nomination for Directing for a Limited Programs for his work on Marvel Studios ‘WandaVision, which was one of the most critically lauded series of last year.

Shakman was also nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series for his work on Hulu’s The Great pilot. Two episodes of Game of Thrones, The Boys, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mad Men, and Fargo are significant among the director’s other credits. Shakman has a strong sense of character and size, which is ideal for a Godzilla-themed event. The human characters have always been the weakest component of this universe, so hopefully Shakman can help change that for this franchise.

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