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Walton flat goes up in flames above beauty salon

FIREFIGHTERS have issued a warning after a kitchen hob was accidentally switched on and caused a kitchen fire above a beauty salon.

Crews from both Clacton and Weeley fire stations rushed to High Street, Walton, at 7.15pm last Friday, following reports of a blaze inside a building.

Upon arrival the firefighters were confronted with the sight of thick black smoke billowing from the windows of a flat on top of unisex hair stylist shop Michelle’s.

After establishing exactly where the inferno had started, the fast-acting crews worked to make the area safe, eventually extinguishing the fire by just before 7.45pm.

A spokesman for the Essex Fire Service said: “Crews reported a fire in a kitchen of a flat.

“Firefighters believe the fire was caused by a pan left on the hob and the hob was accidentally turned on.

“Firefighters are advising that you keep your hob clear at all times once you’ve finished cooking in case the hob is turned on.”

According to Joanna Russell, the owner of Michelle’s who has run the salon for 16 years, nobody was injured as a result of the fire and her business was not badly impacted.

She added: “I just hoped everyone was okay upstairs and the salon wasn’t damaged from any water or fire.

“Luckily, it didn’t really affect the salon and all was fine and nobody in the flat was hurt – I am grateful to the fire service.

“Thank you to everyone who contacted us to let me know about the fire.”

In the newspaper:

Terry Allen, mayor of Walton and Frinton Town Council, is thankful the fire did not cause any serious destruction.

He said: “I drove past it the other day and I slowed down and looked up at it because it is not the first time it’s happened in the High Street.

“It could have been much worse because there was a lot of smoke and it looked really bad, but I am pleased the damage was not severe.

“Once again our fire service was on the ball and even though their resources are tight they always come up trumps.”

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