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View the trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Korean drama Welcome To Wedding Hell – UPS Mag

A new trailer for Netflix’s upcoming romantic K-drama series Welcome To Wedding Hell has been released.
The upcoming 12-episode series, starring Lee Jin-wook (Bulgasal: Immortal Souls) and Lee Yeon-hee (The Package), will follow a couple in their thirties as they prepare for their wedding day.
In the new teaser, Kim Na-eun (played by Yeon-hee) contemplates, “What would it feel like to get married?” as a loving, elderly couple passes her on the street. Her friends start wondering if her lover Jun-hyeong (Jin-wook) has proposed, cautioning her not to be the first to bring up the subject of marriage in a relationship.

The trailer shows the couple’s wonderful relationship, yet Jun-hyeong appears uneasy when Na-eun considers marriage. As she considers the next step in their relationship, she begins to worry if he is unwilling to marry her.
Welcome To Wedding Hell was written by scriptwriter Choi Yi-rang and directed by Song Je-young and Seo Joo-wan. The first episode will broadcast on May 23 on South Korean OTT platform KakaoTV, with new episodes following on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It will also be available on Netflix in certain locations.

“Welcome to Wedding Hell” (also known as “Marriage White Paper”), a Kakao TV original drama, is a sympathetic romance about a couple in their 30s preparing for marriage. While they were expecting a fairy-tale-like joyful ending, the reality of their preparations proved to be slightly different.
Lee Jin Wook will play Seo Joon Hyung, the infatuated groom-to-be who is content to obey his fiancée’s every demand. Lee Yeon Hee will play Kim Na Eun, a loving bride-to-be who is friendly and lots of fun but also clever when working.
The current peek includes a twist not seen in previous teasers for the drama.

Despite their wedding preparations seemed to be on a difficult road, it appears that the happy pair was able to readily decide on their decision to marry. The new teaser contradicts this, as their first moves toward marriage appear to be taken at separate speeds.
Kim Na Eun begins the scene by tenderly checking over an aging couple on a walk. “What would it feel like to get married?” she wonders as she imagines a future with her partner Seo Joon Hyung.

“Joon Hyung’s reaction was definitely an inconceivable shock to Na Eun, who thinks marriage is so apparent [for their love], according to the makers of “Welcome to Wedding Hell.” Life is a never-ending series of unpredictable events. Joon Hyung’s remark, on the other hand, contains an unexpected twist.”
“Welcome to Wedding Hell” is a 12-part mid-form drama that will air over the course of 12 weeks. The drama will premiere on June 23 at 7 pm KST on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

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