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Victoria Beckham Style: 43 Looks Anyone Can Copy

Victoria Beckham’s style should never be underestimated. Ordinarily, when she’s more likely to leave her house, she’s easily one of the most photographed women in the world. This means she yields significant power in the fashion industry and, thus, on our wardrobes. Don’t be fooled, however; Victoria is no clothes horse. She’s far from it. Her flair for styling is palpable, and the polish she puts into her looks is imitable.

If you were to enroll in our (imaginary) Victoria Beckham style school, you’d come out on the other side as an infinitely chicer, always pulled-together kind of lady. VB’s fashion persona is nothing short of impeccable. She never has a hair out of place or a mismatched accessory. Sure, she’s powered through many a highly documented fashion phase over the years. (We’re particularly into her LBD collection.) Still, since establishing a firm place within the industry’s top echelons, Beckham has proven time and again to set trends and the agenda for working women, mums, handbag obsessives, and pretty much anyone with a general interest in looking sophisticated.

What we love most about Beckham’s style is that you’re never quite sure what to expect from her next. One minute, she’ll be favoring head-to-toe black; the next, she’ll don all three primary colors in one go. It’s this fearlessness and unpredictability that ultimately make her the icon she is. This unpredictability absolutely applies to her latest look, which she wore to a frequent salt mine. if you thought the choice of venue was eclectic, just wait until you see her full ensemble.

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