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turning mushrooms into vegan leather and meat

I work for Mycorena, a biotechnology business that grows fungus-based vegan protein. We released in 2017 and are based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The mycoprotein we grow can be utilized to produce a range of items, from vegan leather to animal feed and meat alternatives. Our foodstuff, Promyc, is currently offered in Swedish stores and dining establishments, and we are teaming up with business that will offer it somewhere else in the European Union.

As a fermentation researcher, I establish and enhance the business’s treatments for growing mycoprotein in huge barrels called bioreactors. In this image, I’m studying a desktop variation of the procedure. I can differ the bioreactor’s specifications by utilizing various nutrients, altering the stirring speed to control the air flow or changing the pH, for instance.

Our item looks absolutely nothing like the mushrooms in a forest. We grow mycelium, the tiny filaments from which such mushrooms grow. The mycelium is fibrous, like animal muscles, and its neutral taste indicates that you can include any taste you like. Food protein grown in this method produces less carbon emissions than does traditional meat production, while still supplying plentiful nutrients.

I have actually studied fungis for several years. I made my PhD at the University of Copenhagen in 2015, studying how various bacteria communicate. Fungis are remarkable. With some microorganisms, such as germs, pressures are comparable within the types. However fungis of the very same types can have totally various habits and it’s not constantly understood why.

We are building our very first business factory in Falkenberg, Sweden, and wish to make fungus-fermentation innovation more extensively offered, to assist the food market end up being more sustainable and varied. And we wish to bring mycoprotein to other locations of the food market– for instance, 3D food printing. There will be a great deal of difficulties, however that is our objective.

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