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Triumphant’Victoria Justice Debuts New Love With Evan Berger

Nowadays, Victoria’s Instagram reveals that the star is concentrated on acting and brand-new music, most just recently starring in the Netflix movie A Perfect Pairing in Australia which debuted in August 2022.

Nevertheless, in 2015, reports surrounding Victoria’s previous acting gig led her to set the record directly on where she stands with Triumphant costar Ariana Grande. “All of that drama, whatever, all of that things is, it’s so ridiculous,” she stated throughout a March 2021 episode of the Chicks in the Workplace podcast. “A great deal of it actually originated from, like, the media, like, fanning those flames and after that simply individuals online, like, fanning those flames and making it this substantial insane thing.”

The Enjoyable Size star went on to discuss the fact is all the Triumphant cast like to see each other shine and “are very encouraging.”

“It’s incredible,” she continued. “I enjoy Ariana, and she’s eliminating it today. And she’s been so encouraging of me and my music. And you understand, we text. It’s actually cool. So, whatever’s all great.”

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