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Transform magazine: Turning cold into gold – 2022

Transform caught up with Brand Lounge’s Ibrahim Lahoud and Mo Saad to uncover the secrets of their work with cold logistics company Coco on the eve of the Transform Awards MEA. The UAE-based agency had high hopes for its work, entering the Coco project across many different categories.

The Dubai Design District, like most of this fantastical city, appears in the distance like a particularly deceptive mirage rising from the dusty earth. For its visitors, who are likely waning from the determined grip of the Arabian sun, the shade cast by the contemporary, shimmering offices is a welcome sight.

Even in the midst of a powerful sandstorm, which has engulfed much of the Middle East on the run up to the Transform Awards, the dark outline of the world’s tallest building can still be made out a couple of kilometers away. Amongst many things, the imperious Burj Khalifa serves these once barren lands as a branding device, signaling the new wealth and limitless ambitions of the emirate.

It is therefore no wonder that Brand Lounge has chosen this omphalos of design, art and fashion as its home. Safely inside and shielded from the sapping and stultifying heat in a neatly kept air-conditioned office, the jovial Brand Lounge team can be found crowded around a comfortable communal area drinking coffee.

But don’t be fooled by the relaxed environment. A plethora of trophies of all shapes, sizes and colors cram almost every shelf in the office. It’s the eve of the Transform Awards Middle East and Africa, and the agency has high expectations of adding to its illustrious collection having entered five of its projects this year.

“We’re hard on ourselves,” admits Mo Saad, head of design and creative impact. “Sometimes it’s not that healthy, but most of the time it has a good outcome.”

He joins Ibrahim Lahoud in the latter’s office, which also boasts shelf after shelf of Transform Awards trophies. Despite the apparent success of most of the agency’s projects, favorites still exist. For the director of strategy and head of insights, a project he and Saad worked on over the previous year with a company that sought to revolutionise the concept of cold logistics stands out.

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