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Things to Know About Dopamine Fasting

Photo: Theo Wenner, Vogue, September 2016

The concept of fasting is not new to the world of wellness. This method, which has been made a part of the diet with different application forms such as 16:8 or 5:2, is still a favorite of those who want to achieve weight control. So how does dopamine fasting relate to this?

The subject of fasting here is not just about food. In fact, the goal is to stay away from the things you enjoy doing. This could be taking a break from using Instagram or cutting back on sugar. The term dopamine fasting, first used by the University of San Francisco Psychiatry Professor Cameron Sepah, has long been in demand by Silicon Valley employees. The reason behind it is simple and science-based; While dopamine, which is an important part of the brain’s reward system, is released when we are happy, taking a break from the things we love and starting to do them again helps to be more focused and productive. Cameron Sepah states that this method is based on a behavioral therapy technique called stimulus control, which removes the triggers that fuel addiction.

Another detail that makes dopamine fasting popular is that short-term abstinence resets the brain, rebalances life, helps to understand what really matters and develops a sense of appreciation.

How is it done?

When it comes to how you can do this, Sepah’s suggestion is as follows;

– Choose a habit that you think has reached the level of addiction.

– Try to avoid it for one hour a day, and then try increasing that time to four hours a day.

– Afterwards, try to stay away from this habit for a whole day a week, a weekend every three months or a week a year.

Does it really work?

As in many areas, there are big advocates of dopamine fasting, but there are also those who doubt the validity of this practice. While how sustainable it is may vary from person to person, it is also important to do it in a controlled way.


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