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These Products Are The Key To Messy French-Girl Makeup

As far as TikTok goes, there seems to be a new trending aesthetic every month. Soft girl, cottagecore, clean girl… the list goes on, but I’m not complaining. Although no doubt fueled by Gen-Z, these trends tend to transcend age and location and there’s a way to tap into any trend and mold it into your own take. Plus, there are so many that really, you’re bound to come across one that suits your soul. One trend that I never thought I would be interested in though was the messy French-girl aesthetic. I’m not a fan of anything too contrived and the idea of ​​emulating this felt a bit cringe to me. But then I got stuck on the messy French girl aesthetic algorithm and quickly realized that like with most Francophile trends, it’s more about the vibe then emulating a specific look itself.

If you think of the traditional French girl look what comes to mind? Fresh skin, flushed cheeks, a little liquid liner, natural groomed brows and perhaps a stunning red lip to cap it off? This is the basis of the messy French girl look but it’s essentially just a bit more undone. It’s a kissed-in lip and instead of a liquid liner you use a kohl to smudge it in a bit. It’s a multi-use balm that you can throw into your handbag and perk your skin up after an impromptu sleepover– you get the drift. These are the only beauty products you need to nail this trend.

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