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The Test Drive: Clear Skincare’s Age Defender Skin Journey

The promise: Designed to make skincare easier — welcome news for those, like me, who don’t know where to start — Clear Skincare’s Skin Journey packages offer a range of treatments, with each package tailored to a different objective.

Following consultation on my skin and concerns, we chose the Age Defender Skin Journey (part of its ‘age defying’ range of programs) which aims to repair and rejuvenate the skin. It consists of six visits, with nine in-clinic treatments — Dermapen skin needling, lactic acid peels, and LED light mask treatments — and five take-home products from the Clear Skincare range; gel cleanser, apple stem serum, sunscreen, copper peptide serum and the unique ‘New Skin’ cream.

The practice: Clear Skincare clinics are very much as the name suggests — clear, skincare-focused, and refreshingly accessible. The staff are professional and friendly, exuding expertise and calm with a warm geniality.

the Shortland Street location, which I visited, was handily located on my way home from the office. In the heart of the city, there’s a nice buzz to it and it’s situated in such a way that makes it handy for a lunchtime treatment, or after-work visit.

The clinic is clean, classy and simple, which makes you feel instantly at ease.

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At the start of the treatment, the aesthetician gave me a thorough induction and comprehensive outline.

Once in the treatment room, they double cleansed my face and gave me a hairnet, before beginning my first treatment, Dermapen, which involves using many tiny needles to push hyaluronic acid into the skin. Though it sounds a bit intense, it was surprisingly fine — with no pain (for me), minimal discomfort, and I actually found it quite a soothing treatment.

It took around 20 minutes, and my skin felt fine afterwards — slightly tight, like after a hot shower. My face was a little bit red, but nothing that bothered me, and I was lucky to be going to a friend’s place for dinner and didn’t mind what my skin looked like.

Aftercare is important following a Dermapen treatment — something the aesthetician explains very thoroughly and gives you a handy pamphlet to take home with clear guidance. I was under strict instructions to not put anything on my face for the 24 hours that followed not even water!

By the second day there was some flaking, especially around my chin and jaw, but nothing too bothersome. And after two days I could use copper peptide and sunscreen — both of which were supplied from the Clear Skincare Range (which is excellent) as part of the package. I used the latter in the morning, for hydration, and the former at night.

The peeling peaked about a week later, but was never bothersome for me.

Two weeks later, making the most of Clear Skincare’s late-night appointment schedule, I had a lactic acid peel and a LED treatment.

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Like the first visit, the aesthetician double cleansed my face, then applied pawpaw to any dips (like the sides of my nose and the chin) then added the lactic acid peel a 40 per cent solution for a minute or two before removing. They monitored my pain level (it was only a three for me) and kept checking in.

After the peel, it was time for the LED treatment for 10 minutes (with music!) and my eyes were covered to protect them. It was hot but not uncomfortable, and the time went quite quickly. Afterwards, I was going straight to an exhibition, and though my face was slightly pink, this was no Samantha in Sex and the City momentum.

Aftercare, again carefully explained, meant no active products for five days.

My skin started flaking and peeling a few days later — not intensely so, but it was noticeable (I don’t mind too much) so I kept it hydrated with the supplied Clear Skincare products. The most intense peeling was, interestingly, at the top of my nose.

These treatments are repeated three times over the course of the skincare programme, and each time the treatments were great, appointments easy to get at times that suited, and the staff warm, friendly, and great at what they do — all were a pleasure to chat with.

Interestingly, my skin reacted a bit less after each following treatment. I don’t know whether it was because I was used to it, but it was minimal enough that I even went to Hotel Ponsonby for dinner after one of my treatments. A great evening all up!

The place: Clear Skincare, 19 Shortland Street, Auckland CBD. Visit

The price: $949 (valued at $1447).

The verdict: The most appealing thing? For someone who doesn’t engage with skincare treatments that regularly, and is admittedly rather low-maintenance with my visage, being able to sign up for a preorganized array of treatments targeted at specific concerns was a breeze. I’d roll in the door after work, let them do their thing, and see them a few weeks later for my follow up.

Clear Skincare and its packages take a lot of the stress, research and logistics out of caring for your skin. Something I appreciate a great deal.

I also very much appreciated the friendly, no-fuss nature of their clinic, and the products were so good I would buy them myself — particularly the New Skin cream, which felt nourishing and restorative.

Would I go again? yes. Have I recommended Clean Skincare treatments and products to friends since my visit? yes.

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