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The Storytelling of Matthieu Blazy: Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

Participate in the brand-new world of Bottega Veneta SS23

Participate in the brand-new world of Bottega Veneta SS23

A story unfolds from the vibrant collection of Bottega Veneta’s SS23. Each makeover analyzes the story in between archetype and archival. A choice of cross-generational designs strolled throughout the intimate area developed by Gaetano Pesce. The site-specific setup developed for the runway included a vibrant resin flooring, and 400 distinct chairs for the audience. Working carefully with Bottega Veneta’s innovative director Matthieu Blazy—both creatives worked towards developing an area that homages variety, and addition.

Pesce discusses, “It has to do with the person; we are all various. Individuals who state we are all the very same – fuck them! We are all various and this is our specifying quality – otherwise, we are simply a copy. We are all originals and this is among the styles of my style.”

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Stylish customizing, collars, and the renewal of the trenchcoat—Blazy makes a declaration of his craft, and progressive vision. The collection consists of pieces suitable for all events. There is a focus on craft, and uniqueness within the styles. Starting with garments that lean towards the casual, daily individual, and ending with intense patterned gowns, and customized coats.

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The natural advancement throughout the program indicates Blazy’s objective of developing a brand-new world—covering all the possible looks. There is a clear story that points towards the advancement of clothes and product throughout history. Blazy’s use of synthetic fur, leather, and flannel make that clear. Unlike other designers, Blazy appears to comprehend how to bridge together the style of the bourgeoisie, and the everyday.

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The essence of aerodynamics within the volcano shapes, and sculptural shoes are incorporated into the materials texture, and motion. The maker’s hand can be seen within the fragile Beadings, and embroideries within the collection. The mid-century flowers thoroughly stitched onto Blazy’s ‘Chandelier’ gowns, in duality with the knitted jacquards worry the complicated balance in between practical and play. Blazy has actually discovered the balance in between the past and present.

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“Moving in between the stereotypical and the person, through clothes and character, we are developing not simply for one lady or one guy, however for females and guys. From the perverse banality of the daily nubuck looks, to the eroticism of ultra-sophistication through customizing, by means of the appearance of the bourgeois left of the past, to the mementos used by a globe-trotter…it resembles the world in a little space.” – Matthieu Blazy.

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Credits: Images Thanks To Bottega Veneta.

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