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The Rings of Power: Who Is the Meteor Guy?

“The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” includes a quite substantial secret that might have significant effects for the entire series. The very first episode ends with a huge meteor cruising over Middle-earth and landing not far from where the Harfoots have actually made their camp. Nori Brandyfoot (Markella Kavenagh) and her pal Poppy Proudfellow (Megan Richards) travel to the website where the meteor crashed out of interest. There, they’re met an odd sight: at the center of the damaged flaming meteor is a really high guy, played by Daniel Weyman.

As the women find out, he does not appear to speak the exact same language as them, has a tough time comprehending what’s going on, and isn’t rather sure where he’s from. In some methods, he appears ridiculous and enjoyable, however at other times, he can be enforcing and rather scary. He likewise has wonderful powers — and it does not look like they’re entirely being utilized for great. The program indicates that something he does leads Nori’s dad, Largo (Dylan Smith), to terribly break his ankle. And near completion of the 2nd episode, the secret guy utilizes fireflies to re-create the constellations from where he’s from, which is — for a minute — a wonderful, captivating sight. However when he’s done, the fireflies all pass away.

In episode 3, Nori and her household accept the secret guy into their lives, as he can assist them stay up to date with the Harfoot caravan. However episodes 4 and 5 include more proof to our theories that the Meteor Guy spells difficulty. In episode 7, he does amazing magic to bring plants to life — however he’s likewise being gone after by strange figures.

Amazon just describes the character as the Complete stranger. And there’s just one location in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings books and associated works when something comparable occurs: a poem called “The Guy in the Moon Boiled Down Prematurely.” It, nevertheless, likewise does not supply that much details on this brand-new character’s identity. Who is the meteor guy, and what effect will he have on the remainder of the story? Ahead, let’s diminished a couple of theories.

The Meteor Guy Is Sauron

The meteor guy being Sauron is the theory that most likely makes one of the most sense. Sauron is not simply the primary villain of the Lord of the Rings books and films; he’s likewise going to be the primary bad guy on “The Rings of Power.” Amazon hasn’t yet revealed a star cast as Sauron, however.

In the series up until now, his name turns up often times, as Galadriel is intent on finding and eliminating Sauron. Sauron likewise has a history of shapeshifting, so in theory, numerous stars might depict him in the series. Could Sauron desire Nori and Poppy to bring him to Mordor?

Episode 4 likewise assists enhance this theory, although the episode does not reveal the Harfoots or the Complete stranger at all. However when an old guy challenges Theo about Sauron’s sword, he advises Theo about the meteor which it suggests Sauron’s return. Possibly he suggests actually.

In episode 5, we see that the Complete stranger has actually begun to find out to speak the exact same language as the Harfoots. He likewise utilizes magic to conserve them from a pack of wolves. However when he utilizes some frightening ice magic to recover his own injuries, it injures Nori, who flees. In episode 7, he once again utilizes magic to bring to life a grove that was harmed by the volcano, offering the Harfoots food. They lastly send him on his method with a piece of the map that can assist him discover the stars he recognized, however right after, 3 strange figures appear trying to find him, and they burn down the Harfoot homes.

There is some proof versus this theory, nevertheless. In episode 5, Nori discusses to the Complete stranger the idea of “hazard.” “I’m hazard,” he states, understanding that he eliminated those fireflies. He appears quite distressed about the pests’ deaths, which does not precisely fit what we do understand about Sauron. And it’s possible the 3 strange individuals are in fact trying to find him due to the fact that he’s an opponent, which truly they work for Sauron.

The Meteor Guy Is a Wizard

Fans of the initial films understand the wizard Gandalf the Grey (later on Gandalf the White) was vital to the defeat of Sauron and the damage of Frodo’s ring. And aesthetically, there’s a great deal of resemblance in between Gandalf and the small Hobbits and the Complete stranger and the little Harfoot. Some audiences believe the Complete stranger may even be Gandalf himself. Clearly the Complete stranger can do magic with ease, and the wizards in the Lord of the Rings have actually constantly been a little upsetting, which seems like evidence.

However if the Complete stranger is a wizard, that would be a massive modification to the tradition of The Lord of the Rings. Wizards didn’t show up in Middle-earth till the Third Age. “The Rings of Power” is embeded in the 2nd Age. The program certainly appears to be playing reckless with tradition, however it would be an enormous modification to present the wizards so early. Still, this would perhaps describe why the 3 strange individuals wish to discover him — they might be wizards too, or they might be attempting to stop him.

The Meteor Guy Is a New Character

It’s certainly possible that the Meteor Guy is a new character for the program who might be great or wicked (or a mix of both). The program has actually included a great deal of characters who do not exist in the Tolkien tradition the program is based upon. Yet, it seems like “The Rings of Power” is establishing for the Meteor Guy’s genuine identity to be a significant expose, so this would be a little bit of a disappointment.

In the meantime, audiences will need to wait and see simply what the response to this secret is.

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