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The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of This Fake Women’s Online Magazine With Hilariously Relatable ‘Articles’ (New Pics)

Reductress was founded in 2013 by Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo. It is now a successful conglomeration of a website, Instagram page, Facebook page, Twitter account, podcasts, online shop and host of comedy events and satire workshops. The articles published on their site fall into the categories of News, Living, Entertainment, Love and Sex, Womanspiration, Print Edition, Thoughts and Style, and they all feature hilarious and shocking titles that an untrained eye might mistake for hard-hitting news.

Satirical news sites have been done before, and they are often loved by their audiences. But what makes Reductress really stand out is its emphasis on catering to a female audience. Don’t get me wrong, the headlines can be appreciated by anyone. But between the light-hearted titles like “Dog Sighing as if He Pays Rent” and “How To Practice Gratitude Without Giving Up Complaining” are other headlines criticizing rape culture and calling out the supreme court for overturning Roe v. wade. Not to mention the shockingly specific and hilarious articles about women’s dating and sex lives. Reductress is an innovative site that has gained a loyal following for a reason.

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