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The Difficulty: Why Johnny Bananas Needed a 2-Year Break

“It feels great to be house.”

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio is lastly back on The Difficulty, making his very first look given that notching his historical seventh win on Overall Insanity in 2020. Prior to his two-year hiatus, the 40-year-old had actually completed in 12 successive seasons of the MTV truth franchise, so his lack was felt by the program’s wild fanbase. So why was Johnny Bananas lastly all set to stage his resurgence?

“I understand just how much the fans missed me, I understand just how much I missed out on all of you and I simply seemed like it was what much better time than now?” Johnny informed E! News. “I seem like I required to take a little psychological and physical hiatus after what I did to myself on Overall Insanity. It was a big win. I wished to have a long time to simply take that all in.”

While he might have pulled out of completing, Johnny still remained in the mix, thanks to his Death, Taxes and Bananas podcast on The Ringer Network. In addition to evaluating episodes, the 17-season veterinarian likewise interviews fellow Oppositions, which showed to be an “unexpected” advantage to his video game.

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