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The Butterfly Cut Is TikTok’s New Favorite Hairstyle for summertime

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Anyone can try out this appearance, but our industry experts agree so it is best suited for those of you with naturally thick and/or hair that is curly. “There are so many layers, you need full density to get the effect that is full” describes Dettmer. “Fine locks may look stringy.”

If you need this cut however your locks is on the finer part, just fill up on your own texturizing that is favorite spray. allure suggests the Best of Beauty-winning Verb Volume Dry Texture Spray or Kristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray.

Verb Volume Dry Texture Spray

Kristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray

Charlottesville, Virginia-based hairstylist Shannon Roadcap adds that it is an ideal cut for people with round faces who want to “contour the fullness of their cheeks.” It’s also effective in softening facial features and hiding lines that are fine. “Forget Botox, get hairtox,” jokes Roadcap.

And if you should be growing out your curtain bangs or a hime haircut, the butterfly haircut is a “natural next thing,” claims Tucker. A break.

How with less styling needed, a butterfly haircut can give you and your hair do you style a butterfly haircut?

The length and dimensions are perfect for playing with new tools and techniques, but if you’re having a morning that is rushed these levels alllow for an effortlessly cool ponytail, too. The long layers pull back while the shorter layers fall to frame the face for hair-up looks. This makes it easy to achieve a “voluminous, cascading ponytail with little-to-no styling needed,” says Dettmer. Better yet, you can unleash your inner Pamela Anderson by piling your layers into an effortlessly fun bun. To get the most out of your updo, try these allure

Best of Beauty-winning favorites: IGK Big Time Volume and Thickening Mousse for amped-up volume, Fekkai Shea Butter Intense Oil to smooth down flyaways, and R+Co Bleu Featherlight Hairspray to lock it all in.

IGK Big Time Volume and Thickening Mousse

Fekkai Shea Butter Intense Oil

R+Co Bleu Featherlight HairsprayFor hair-down looks, a blow-drying brush is key. Arguably your butterfly cut’s friend that is best, a blow-drying brush will add even more bouncy amount to your layered appearance. allure

advises Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer or Tools that is hot Professional Gold One-Step Pro Blowout Styler.

Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold One-Step Pro Blowout Styler

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Plan to add color to this cut? If so, our experts have some advice. Dettmer warns that extreme layering might cause shows to appear streaky. “Keep locks to a color that is single require soft proportions without any significantly more than two degrees of huge difference in order to avoid high color comparison,” she indicates. (*)

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