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The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter Is My Go-To Product

No, it doesn’t look like much, and no, it doesn’t smell like a spa and no it absolutely does not promise to totally fix your every skin concern overnight. However, it does remove every last trace of dirt and makeup from your face with zero fuss. It also smells somewhat comforting and promises to totally change the way you approach your evening skincare routine due to how remarkably easy and fuss-free it is to use.

The state of my skin has been a real annoyance over the last few years—sometimes it would be plagued with spots, while a few weeks later, it would switch in a second and become insufferably dry. With some products only worsening the issue, this situation has made the process of selecting skincare a little difficult to say the least.

My only constant throughout the last four or so years has been The Body Shop cleansing butter. It doesn’t cause redness, it doesn’t egg on breakouts and it doesn’t leave skin with any potentially irritating film—it just does what it’s told. It takes my makeup off, provides a nice slip for a quick facial massage to get the circulation going and offers just the right level of hydration while calming any existing irritation with the help of chamomile. And did I mention it’s only £11?

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