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The Best White Skirts to Buy for Summer

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This week, I’ve gone down an e-commerce rabbit hole for a personal shopping-related problem: I’m having a surprisingly hard time finding a white skirt to wear this summer. Specifically, a white skirt like the ones Miuccia Prada has been known to wear throughout her career. I don’t want a tennis skirt or a denim skirt or a Picnic at Hanging Rock-type skirt. I want something mid-length that doesn’t look dowdy, maybe with pleats — but not too many (they should be wide and spaced far apart). I want to be able to wear it with a blazer when it gets a little chilly at night but also more casually with a tank top and some flat sandals during the day. I can take it to the tailor to have it hemmed or made higher in the waist, but, you know, I’d rather not. And I’d like it to be quality enough to last until next summer but not a gazillion dollars. These are my demands, and — shocker — it’s been difficult to find a piece that checks all of these boxes, so much so that I’m considering buying a white dress instead. But we persevere. White skirts are something of a summer staple; they’re easy and can add a level of sharpness to your look if you get the fit right, like the bottoms equivalent of a white button-up. Below are my findings so far. (And a picture of Queen Miuccia, so you know what I’m talking about.)

The whole reason I’m here in the first place is someone bought the vintage Prada skirt I’d been eyeing on the RealReal before I could, so it’s back to the drawing board. These are similar to the one I wanted.

Available in size XS / US 2 / IT 38.

Available in size M / US 8 / IT 44.

Available in size XS / US 2 / IT 38.

Available in size M / US 8 / IT 44.

Yes, these might technically be tennis skirts, but I’ve chosen ones where the pleats don’t look so much like you’re about to hit the court.

Available in sizes 00 to 24.

Available in sizes 6 to 10.

Available in sizes 0X to 3X.

It’s hard to find the perfect length for your body, so I’m considering buying long and then hemming it to exactly where I want.

Available in sizes XS to 4X.

Available in sizes 4 to 10.

Available in sizes 00 to 14.

Available in sizes 8/10 and 32/24.

I’d wear these to complement a snazzy top or jacket.

Available in sizes XS to XL.

Available in size 4 (only one left).

Available in sizes M and L (only one of each left).

These are all going fast, but they’re so good I had to include them.

Available in size L (only one left).

Available in size S / US 26 (only one left).

Available in sizes 4 and 14.

Alaïa’s skirts are the stuff of dreams; they have the perfect amount of volume, and I love how the brand styles them with a long, open button-up shirt.

Available in sizes 24 to 30.

Available in sizes 2 to 12 and IT 38 to IT 48.

Available in sizes 0 to 14.

Good for you!

Available in sizes IT 36 to IT 44.

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