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The Best Pieces In Mango’s Epic Spring Sale Right Now

I know they say it’s sensible, but I’m not normally one for buying pieces at the very beginning of the season. I usually wait a few weeks until the weather starts to change change, and I can really get a feel for what I actually want to be wearing right now. Which is why I’d been considering my basket of spring/summer Mango items for a while. This week we’re finally seeing evidence of the warmer season being here to stay, so I went to push the button on some timeless pieces to refresh my wardrobe when I discovered my favorite high street brand (and the favorite of celebs and editors everywhere) had just started an up-to-50%-off spring sale.

I’ll admit sometimes I’m put off by a sale, especially high street, as they can be full of trend-led items you’re likely to regret later. Either that, or you really have to think ahead and buy off-season pieces to wear in the future— smart, but always slightly risky. On closer inspection of Mango’s flash offer, though, I was seriously impressed. Turns out it’s a goldmine of classic pieces from the current season to wear right now, including so many of the items I already had on my wish list.

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