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The best bridal beauty for this summer wedding season

Wedding season is back, and for the first time in three years, so are big weddings. With that comes all the usual stresses. You’re worried about where to seat Auntie Joan and cousin Tadhg – they haven’t spoken since that unfortunate dispute over a small scratch card win in 1997. Your mother has insisted on inviting “Sheila from the library”, a woman of whom you had never heard until you found out you’re apparently paying for her dinner. Three hundred “azure” napkins were just delivered when you specifically ordered “seafoam”. Considering it all, you’re now seriously contemplating faking your own death and emigrating.

One thing you don’t need to stress about is the beauty part. Finding a make-up artist and beauty looks for inspiration is easier than ever before. A browse through Instagram and TikTok will reveal swathes of both. There has also never been more choice in the sort of adaptable, long-wearing and smart products for the day. You want lasting formulations but flattering, forgiving textures.

This is why doing a make-up test with a make-up artist (if you’re hiring one) is important. Test drive the make-up you think you’ll want for the day itself, see how it behaves, and adjust or swap out anything that doesn’t look right after six or eight hours.

Lip products will generally always need topping up, but something like Victoria Beckham Posh Gloss in Bikini (€30 at is the perfect solution. It is a delectable universal nude – neither so warm in tone that it will clash with paler complexions, nor so cool as to wash out deeper ones. It’s also small (though not miserly in its proportions) and portable.

Westman Atelier Bonne Brow Defining Pencil (€40 at is my favorite new brow product – with a clean mascara spoolie on one end – the very best tool for brushing product through brows to make them look full and natural – and an angled pencil-crayon hybrid on the other, it is close to perfect .


Firm and sharp enough to draw individual hairs, but soft enough to blend with the brush. Once on, you no longer need to worry about it, and the tones are natural – no odd warmth or unwanted ashiness.

Bridal make-up is 90 per cent skin – get that right and the rest follows. Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Foundation (€53 at is a tried and tested wedding foundation.


It photographs elegantly, sits on skin without sitting in it, builds to full coverage without looking mask-like, treads a perfect balance between glowy and lasting, and comes in40 inclusive shades. It is ideal.

Finally, the fragrance. It’s utterly personal and there are no rules that you should feel obliged to follow. Wear your favorite if that suits the day. However, if you are looking for something new to remember the day by, Diptyque Philosykos Eau de Toilette (from €85 at Space NK) is a somewhat forgotten classic.


Lighter and floatier than the eau de parfum, this scent has a drenched, summery leafiness that is figgy and fruity with a woody base, making it both memorable and wonderfully optimistic.

Product of the Week


Trudon Cire Beeswax Absolute Candle (€90 at

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