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The Best Anti-Frizz Serum for Humid Summer Days

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As a person of mixed Chinese and Jewish ethnic backgrounds, I have inherited thick, black locks from my Asian side, and helmet-like, wiry waves from my white side. The combination makes for a fairly untamed beast, and humidity has been my mortal enemy since childhood trips to visit family in Taiwan. Fast-forward to New York City, where I now live, and the sub-tropical summer weather recalls that of Taipei’s: swampy, wet, the air constantly smelling vaguely of rain. It seems I will forever be trapped in a frizzled hell of my own making.

This past spring, I decided to switch up my style, trading a heavy curtain of hair cascading halfway down my back for a bob with piece-y bangs. (On my haircut mood board: pictures of The Incredibles’s Edna Mode, Miss Swan from Mad TVand the little lad who loves berries and cream—all triangular, poofy, comical looks.) The new cut brought my helmet hair to new levels, and called for a change in my haircare routine.

Lots of people say they’ve tried everything when it comes to anti-frizz products, but I can assure you that I’ve tried everything. From drugstore products to prestige salon brands, I have spent the past 20-or-so years applying any and all smoothing serums, moisture masks, and oils (a dollop of Olaplex’s No. 6 Bond Smoother works pretty well; as does Sisley’s Hair Rituel Nourishing Balm). But when it comes to styling, I found that very few products last more than a few hours. That is, until I gave Triviso’s bright pink Frizz Smacker a try.

This product, which was released this month, has a lightweight consistency reminiscent of a face serum and comes in a bottle about the size of a tube of mascara. It’s meant to be applied once hair is already dry: After manipulating my hair into a topknot or a low pony, I use the enclosed spoolie to run it through my strands and let it do its magic.

Unlike gel and hairspray (which I dislike due to their crispy, plastic feeling), Frizz Smacker is soft yet powerful, keeping all my flyaways in place while also being gentle enough to serve as a smoothing agent for my baby hairs. When I apply it at night, I wake up the next morning with still-smooth hair that won’t feel so hardened it’ll break in half if I run my fingers through it. I’ll even double-up for extra coverage, putting even more of the stuff on my hair the next day for an ultra-even style.

For the past few weeks, my former helmet hair has been transformed into Bella Hadid’s angelic, fine, and shiny locks, tucked into a chic bun or a super tight ponytail. I’ve even begun experimenting using this product on a slicked-back wet look with my hair down. I haven’t yet found the at-home equivalent of a Keratin treatment—that might be a lifelong search. But I’ve found a solution that creates endless styling possibilities, even on the most humid summer days.

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