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The ’90s “Relaxer-Box Girls” Are Going Viral on Twitter

Image Source: Thanks To Shiyenn Scott

Among the most wholesome minutes on Black Twitter took place a couple of days earlier. On Oct. 2, Twitter user Ash León asked the ladies who designed for the relaxer boxes in the ’90s and early ’00s to reveal themselves, and they did simply that — in droves. For the last 5 days, the “relaxer-box ladies” have actually been exposing where they are now, what their experiences resembled modeling for the popular boxes, and even some behind-the-scenes tricks from the image shoots.

“When I shot the project, I really did not have a relaxer,” Shiyenn Scott, among the faces on the Children Originals Hair Softening System box, informs POPSUGAR. “I did not have any sort of chemicals or treatments in my hair — I have actually still never ever had any besides keratin.” Rather, the trick to her appearance was water. “They put a great deal of water and most likely 2 or 3 extra items in my hair,” Scott states. “The stylist cleaned my hair and had fun with it a bit to provide it a great deal of meaning, however those were the only things that they did to my hair.”

Lots of were stunned to discover that a few of the ladies on packages never ever had a relaxer, and Scott stated this was her very first experience finding out that you can’t take whatever at stated value. “That was a bit stunning to me,” she states. “For my shoot, all the ladies were either getting their hair flat ironed or styled in a specific method to fit the appearance that the professional photographers desired.”

The modeling experience as a whole is one that Scott keeps in mind fondly. She still periodically discovers herself on packages today. “The last time I saw myself in shops had to do with a year and a half earlier, and it truly amazed me,” Scott states. “I still can’t even think it’s me often.” What she’s most grateful for is how this minute has actually brought individuals together and what it taught her about enjoying her natural functions. “Despite the fact that I was on a box, I would still take a look at other ladies on relaxer boxes and wish to appear like them, too,” she states. “This whole experience truly taught me early how to like myself and my own hair.”

As appreciative as she is for this experience, a lot of us on Twitter are much more so for this exceptionally heartfelt minute on our timeline.

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