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The 18 Best Pirate Movies, Ranked

Everything’s better with Muppets. Add Tim Curry, and you have a bona fide classic. This is the third adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel on this list, and it is by far the most entertaining. Kevin Bishop plays this iteration of Jim Hawkins, while Curry does his best to unseat Robert Newton as cinema’s best Long John Silver (and, arguably, succeeds). The vast majority of the rest of the cast is, of course, played by the Muppets, and the classic Muppet ethos is on full display in this joyfully chaotic rendition of the timeless adventure story.

As Kirk R. Thatcher, who co-wrote the screenplay with Jerry Juhl and James V. Hart, told Tough Pigs, “Muppet Treasure Island” was part of an attempt to move the Muppets away from the sweetness of “The Muppet Christmas Carol” and back to a zanier vision of the characters. Sight gags based on Henry Kissinger and Carmen Miranda, along with lavish dance sequences and a pig character named “Spa’am,” make sure the movie lives up to those wacky ideals. With humor and visual wit to spare, “Muppet Treasure Island” is an imaginative and enduring adaptation of the quintessential pirate story.

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