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The 12 Best Hair Ties for Every Hair Type and Texture 2022

Do hair ties damage hair?

It’s complicated. “Hair ties can cause damage depending on the state of your hair (ie, if it’s really fragile, if you bleach it a lot, or if you constantly tie it back really tight),” Polko explains. “However, hair ties have come very far compared to the days where there used to be that metal part holding the hair ties together!”

It also helps to change up your ponytail: “They’re much safer for your hair so long as you’re not constantly pulling it back in the same spot really tight—that’s where you might run into issue.”

How can you prevent breakage from hair ties?

First off, be careful with wet hair. “I definitely think that people believe they’re helping their hair by putting it up while it’s wet to avoid using heat, but your hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet,” says Polko. “If you’re tying your hair back tight while it’s wet, you might run into more breakage.”

As an alternative, she says, “I would recommend letting your hair air dry if trying to avoid heat, and then tie it back—or even a low braid so that the hair tie is only touching the ends as opposed to right at the top of the hair.”

What is the best hair tie for my hair type?

Consider thickness and texture as opposed to length. “There’s a common misconception that if you have short hair, you really don’t need the bigger elastics, but if you have a lot of hair, you’re going to need the larger-size ones,” Polko explains.

In reality, “It’s all about the density of hair on your head,” she says. “If you have really fine hair, I recommend the Skunci No Damage Elastics 2mm size or the regular-sized No Damage Elastic, since those will make sure you hair isn’t damaged, it’s secure, and it’ll accommodate the density of your hair,” she says. I would recommend the skunci Thick Hair No Damage Elasticsas they’re made to keep a medium-strong hold and won’t add extra damage during everyday use.”

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