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The 10 Best Anime About Fashion, Ranked By IMDb

With the announcement of the third episode of Idol Land PriPara premiering on May 23rd, 2022, it seems adequate to review the anime that best depicted the challenges, relationships, rivalries, and moments of glory of the fashion world.

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Although anime about fashion is rare, these series and movies made their way through the highest scores with stories about outfit selection, make-overs, costume designing, and modeling. But above all, it was their distinctive animation, compelling storylines, unforgettable characters, and detailed attention to style that made them rank among the audience’s favorites.

10 Harbor Light Story: Fashion Lala Yori (1988) – 4.5

Main character of Harbor Light Story Fashion Lala Yori

Directed by Motosuke Takahashi and written by Kenji Tereda, Harbor Light Story: Fashion Lala Yori tells the story of Miho, a very young fashion designer who dreams of making a dress for someone to win the Dancing Queen Contest.

The OVA divided the audiences between positive and negative opinions regarding the quality of its plotline. Bad critics pointed out its unwarranted general cruelty, while others appreciated the importance of the lessons given regarding social decay and the power of dreaming. Overall, the movie succeeds in its ’80s aesthetic and entertaining nature.

9 Urahara (2017 – ) – 5.6

Kotoko Watatsumugi, Mari Shirako, and Rito Sudo are teenagers who want to open a store in the cradle of urban fashion and kawaii culture: Harajuku. This famous Japanese station, known as a thriving hotspot for Japanese gothic, decora kei, punk, and other creative styles, is invaded by aliens who seek to steal human culture.

In a very faithful and thorough representation of kawaii aesthetics, the series tackles many important subjects regarding arts and creativity through an action-packed plot. But more importantly, as recognized by many fans, it truly portrays the struggles of artists being recognized and valued in society, making its characters deeply relatable and reflective.


8 Flavors Of Youth (2018) – 6.6

This Netflix movie is presented as an anthology of three different storylines. the second one, Chiisana Fashion Show (A Little Fashion Show), follows the story of Yi and Lulu Yin, two sisters who want to succeed in the fashion industry, one as a model and the other one as a fashion designer.

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The film looks for a dramatic and sentimental approach to the industry as it shows the harsh challenges faced by its characters. But beyond the script, the remarkable art proves itself faithful to the studio’s style; distinguishable and memorable from their previous successful movie: Your Name.

7 Smile At The Runway (2020 – ) – 7.2

Main characters from the anime Smile Down The Runway.

This anime follows the endearing friendship between teenagers Fujito Chiyuki, an aspiring fashion model, and Tsumura Ikuto, an aspiring fashion designer. Even though both show undeniable talent in what they dream to be, Chiyuki’s height is below standard models, and Ikuto is too poor to be able to study fashion.

Although it first appears to be simple and lighthearted, the anime series surprises with its heartwarming moments that make the viewer go from laughing to tears. Its depth in themes such as rejection, ambition, and love, as well as the outfits, and insight into the procedures of designing and modeling are remarkable.

6 Heartcatch Pretty Cure!: The Movie: Fashion Show In The Flower Capital … Really?! (2010) – 7.3

Characters from the movie Heartcatch Pretty Cure!  The Movie Eiga Hato Kyacchi Purikyua!  Hana No Miyako De Fasson Shô... Desu Ka!

In this movie based on the TV series Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, a group of strong female characters who refer to themselves as “The Cures,” protect Loup-Garou, a man who sabotaged Baron Salamander’s plans of destroying the world. But saving the planet from an evil villain is not their only task, as they are also involved in modeling and fashion design and have to travel to Paris for a fashion show.

Beyond being cute, amusing, and entertaining, the movie shows uniqueness in its mixture of animation styles. While the main characters follow a kawaii art style, people in the background and other characters look realistic, and scenarios and objects change between 2D and 3D animation.

5 Princess Jellyfish (2010) – 7.7

Tsukimi visits Clara, her jellyfish friend

Tsukimi Kurashita became obsessed with jellyfish after her deceased mom took her to the aquarium and pointed out how they were similar to Disney princess dresses because of their wavy and curly tentacles. One day, saving one of these animals, she meets a very stunning, feminine, and fashionable woman, quite contrary to herself, who turns out to be a man.

The friendship between both of them turns into a lighthearted adventure that explores themes such as beauty, self-esteem, and gender identity. Multiple pop culture references and variable fashion makeovers are the rule here, which makes this a self-discovery journey easy to watch and enjoy.

4 Paradise Kiss (2005) – 7.8

Paradise Kiss

Yukari Hayakasa’s outstanding good looks get noticed by Arashi and Isabella, two fashion designers who are students at the most prestigious art school in the city, and they decide to offer her the position as the main model for their brand. Hayakasa has her life turned around as she starts a modeling career and discovers herself in this demanding industry.

The anime, recognized for its superb and distinctive animation, artwork, and detailed costume design, has also been pointed out as an accurate recreation of the struggles, environments, and nature of the fashion industry. Paradise Kiss has a realistic and unique visual style, character development, and plot that makes it stand out from other fashion series.

3 Gokinjo Monogatari (1995 – ) – 8.0

The main characters from Gokinjo Monogatari.

Based on the same universe as Paradise Kissthe 50-episode long series follows Mikako Kouda, a fashion designer who has her childhood friendship questioned when she starts noticing the female attention his male friend, Tsutomu Yamaguchi, gets for his looks.

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With common struggles revolving around love, friendship and careers, the series becomes relatable in many ways and presents effective three-dimensional characters. But beyond that, it shows off a distinct animation style that explores the possibilities of flat colors, lights, and textures, original body proportions, and depictions, as well as unusual scenario compositions.

2nd Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream (2011 – ) – 8.2

Main characters from Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream.

Based on the arcade game Pretty Rhythm: Mini Skirt, the anime series follows the lives and performances of idols known as “Prism Stars whose presentations involve singing, dancing, fashion, and figure skating. The protagonist, Aira Harune, shows great potential with a unique fashion sense that makes her stick out as an exceptional Prism Star.

Like any anime of its style, its entertainment value relies on the joyful, catchy, fun, and cute choreographies and songs that the characters have to perform. Seeing them sing and dance while they use adorable and fashionable outfits leaves no question as to why this series fulfilled so many childhoods.

one PriPara (2014 – 2017) – 8.3

Characters from the anime PriPara.

The 140-episode adaptation of the arcade game of the same title is now waiting for a new episode and a smartphone game release. PriPara is the name of a show where girls audition to become idols. A great opportunity arrives when the main character, Laala Manaka, finds a PriTicket of another idol and therefore enters the show.

The anime takes the show performances to another level of animation, vibrant colors, lights, backgrounds, music production, kawaii outfits, flamboyant hairstyles, energetic dance moves, 3D and 2D animation dynamics, and makes for a quite enjoyable time that captivated thousands of fans around the world.

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