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Teenage girl killed in shooting at Phoenix strip mall, 8 others injured

A teenage girl died and eight others were injured after a shooting at a strip mall near 10th Avenue and Hatcher overnight, according to Phoenix police.

About 100 people had reportedly gathered for some kind of party when police say a fight broke out between multiple groups just after 1 am on June 4. It escalated into a series of shootings inside the building, in the parking lot, and on the street.

“Many rounds were shot into this crowd of people as they fled the area,” police said.

The unidentified 14-year-old teenager died from her injuries at the hospital.

Two women are in life-threatening condition and five men and a teenage boy were also shot but are expected to be OK.

The shooter has not been caught, and no suspect description was given out.

‘This can’t be happening’

“I was close by. I heard it. It’s sad, but youth, wake up guys,” said Theresa Juan, a Phoenix resident. “I seen the kids run and ask me to hide, where it was at, and it was like, it’s real. I told them the police were there and it’s OK to come out. They were young. Young girls.”

Police say there were no signs of a break-in or trespassing when someone pulled out a handgun and started shooting.

“Somebody showed up. There was an altercation that escalated into a shooting,” Williams said.

Kristle Nay says her mom sleeps in a tent right near the shooting and heard the whole thing.

“You never know where these bullets are going to come down and who they’re going to hit. If there’s any children out there or your pets or anything, this is scary. This can’t be happening,” Nay said, adding that it’s the third party she’s seen at the building, with others bringing in people who don’t live in the area.

“This is sad and it’s scary. These are a bunch of strangers that aren’t from our community, and they’re bringing problems. We have enough problems here on our own,” Nay said.

Scene of a mass shooting investigation in north Phoenix.

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