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Symbol of Love and Devotion

Tiffany&Co.’s Tiffany® Setting solitaire ring, which combines the dazzling sparkle of the diamond with a simple design, reflects the eternity of your love.

The ring is the most valuable symbol that symbolizes the eternal bond you have created between you and your loved one. Each ring, designed in an eye-catching yet simple way, reflects the clarity of your love. At the end of the 19th century, because engagement rings had such ornate details, Tiffany & Co. sought innovative ways to bring out the sparkle of the diamond. Charles Lewis Tiffany, who is not interested in overly elaborate designs, designs Tiffany® Setting, a revolutionary solitaire ring design, based on this.

Charles Lewis Tiffany, the founder of Tiffany&Co., has been the first jewelery brand that comes to mind when it comes to love and commitment since the day he introduced the famous Tiffany® Setting in 1886. The iconic engagement ring Tiffany® Setting, which is very popular with its dazzling diamond, six-pronged mount and knife-edge ring arm, creates eternity in love as the universal symbol of love and devotion. The round-cut diamond of this ring, which is the first mounting design to display the diamond higher in its design; It is used at equal distances with six nails surrounding the stone. These nails are designed to prevent the diamond from moving and lie gracefully on the stone. Since the light enters the top surface of the diamond unhindered, it creates an ideal combination in terms of both its brilliance and the safety of the diamond, and it is dazzling.

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Strong and simple design: Charles Tiffany Setting

The permanence of Tiffany® Setting in the world of engagement rings is undeniable today, just as it was at the beginning of the 20th century. Tiffany & Co. is also making a revolutionary debut with the Charles Tiffany Setting engagement ring designed for men, introduced in May 2021. The first men’s engagement ring, named after the founder of the jewelry house, is designed by placing it in a solitaire diamond mounting inspired by the seal. The strong forms and simple contours used in the design make Charles Tiffany Setting the first choice of men who want to have a diamond as unique as their love. Together with Tiffany® Setting, both designs are the most meaningful symbols of the jewelery’s authority in working with the world’s finest diamonds and its legacy as enduring as love itself.

It is a responsibility towards nature to be able to minimize the damage caused by every work done to the nature. Tiffany & Co. in the jewelery industry on diamond traceability
is making a first. Since 2019, the brand has been sharing with its consumers all the information about where the 0.18 ct and above solitaire diamonds are mined and processed. In addition, 100 percent of its eye-catching blue boxes and bags are sourced from environmentally friendly sustainable sources, while at least 50 percent are made from recycled content.

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