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Sustainable Skincare Brand Exponent Beauty Adds Retinol Powder

Sustainable beauty startup Exponent Beauty has rolled out a new active powder for its self-activated skincare line—Time Rewind Retinol Powder.

Time Rewind has been clinically proven to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone and texture, and firm and smooth skin without irritation, resulting in 100% of test subjects showing clinically significant decreases in global facial fine lines and wrinkles, and 76% showing clinically significant increases in skin elasticity after four weeks, according to the company, which debuted earlier this year.

“Retinol is the most fragile of the antioxidants, disappearing rapidly once exposed to light and air. It also has a reputation as irritating if too concentrated. We wanted our serums to not only deliver peak potency in every dose, but at an optimal concentration for clinically-proven decreases in fine lines and wrinkles without irritating the skin,” said Exponent Founder Liz Whitman.

Exponent, a Certified B Corporation, is backed by Founders Fund (Ritual, 8Sleep), Unilever Ventures (The Inkey List, Kopari Beauty, Saie), SugarCap (Starface, Snif), Flybridge Capital (Chief, Parachute) and Bullish (Harry’s, Care/of); as well as strategic beauty industry execs and entrepreneurs.

Exponent’s Self-Activator is designed to reusable and eliminating plastic waste with refills of both the Hydrator and Active Powders made out of infinitely recyclable glass and aluminum.

An introductory Retinol Starter Kit (Self-Activator Globe plus Dispenser, Self-Activator Base, Quadruple Hyaluronic Acid Hydrator Refill and Retinol Active Powder Refill) retails for $166. The brand also offers sustainable product refills for the Retinol Active Powder + Hydrator components: a separate Quadruple Hyaluronic Acid Hydrator Refill (90 doses) sells for $68, and a separate Retinol Active Powder Refill (45 doses) for $78.

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