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State House vandalized, threats made

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Photo Courtesy of Capitol Police Chief, Matthew Romei

Vermont Business Magazine This afternoon, Lieutenant Governor Molly Gray issued the following statement in response to vandalism and threats at the Vermont State House following yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling:

“As Vermont Capitol Police reported this morning, the Vermont State House was vandalized last night. The unknown vandals broke seven windows across the front of the building, including my office window. They also spray-painted the front portico, stating, ‘if abortions aren’t safe, you’re not either.’

I am alarmed by these attacks on our State House – my workplace – and condemn them in the strongest possible terms. Vermonters are feeling deep anger and frustration in the wake of yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling. I share this frustration. However, threats of violence and destruction of property are absolutely unacceptable and never the solution.

The Vermont State House is the people’s house and together, as Vermonters, we’ve taken incredible steps to protect fundamental rights. Vermonters should feel a sense of pride that we have some of the strongest legislation in the country protecting reproductive rights. In November, Vermonters will have the opportunity to amend our Vermont Constitution to permanently enshrine reproductive liberty.

I ask Vermonters to pursue peaceful, positive action to correct this horrible injustice by the US Supreme Court. We must come together, work together and stand united.”

6.25.2022. Montpelier, VT – Lieutenant Governor Molly Gray

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