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Sneaker Mules Are a Practical Summer 2022 Shoe Trend

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We hate to sound like a broken record, but this observation bears repeating: “Ugly,” unexpected shoes have a tendency to trend in Hollywood. Kendall Jenner’s pool slides are one example, and while we fully expect this cushy shoe to be big in summer 2022, Sophie Turner just ushered in find a new footwear that could give the trusty pool slide a run for its money.

Turner and Joe Jonas were photographed out and about in Beverly Hills early last week, both wearing monochrome ‘fits that oozed casual-cool. Jonas wore a caramel-colored corduroy set, while Turner opted for head-to-toe white. Her off-duty look included baggy sweatpants — further proof that celebs are favoring billowy pants over skin-tight ones — a white tank top, and a coordinating cardigan.

Turner grounded the comfy loungewear look with, wait for it — sneakers mules. Before you stop reading, hear us out, because this shoe style is actually impossibly practical and genius for spring and summer. sneakers muleswhich are exactly what the name suggests — half sneaker and half mule — provide the same support and comfort of your favorite kicks with the practicality of your go-to slip-ons.

We’re all for a hybrid shoe, and that’s because it combines the best of both styles into a single body, which means you don’t have to pick and choose. The sneaker mule has the best of both worlds.

Worth mentioning: Not all sneakers mules are created equally, of course. We suggest trying a pair from a brand known for their trainers, like vionic, skechersor Kedsbecause you can bet that their take on the shoe will maintain the signature comfort their sneakers are known for.

All that to say, pool slides are still poised to be big this season, but sneaker-mules are about to blow up, too. They offer a bit more support than the cushy slides, plus they protect the toes, so you can really get in your step count without worries. shop some of our favorite sneaker mules inspired by Turner’s pair below.

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