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Shoppers of Many Sizes Love This Supportive Sports Bra

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Choosing a sports bra is unlike shopping for any other piece of clothing because it’s not until you’re out for a run or doubled over in downward-facing dog that it’s apparent if you’re wearing the right one. Throw in fit concerns for everyone in a wide range of sizes and deciding which to add to your cart can become too stressful to even make a choice.

But dozens of shoppers who say they wear bras in sizes AA to DDD “absolutely love” this option from FP Movement. The FP Movement On the Radar Bra is the “most comfortable” sports bra that dozens of shoppers own. It has a seamless design, which means there aren’t any areas where the fabric connects, forms a ridge, and then rubs against skin, and even though it doesn’t have built-in padding, the material is thick and compressive enough for a secure and smooth fit.

The bra is made out of a nylon-poly blend with a touch of spandex for stretch, and the ribbed design makes it even more soft and comfy, but its most unique feature is its “adjustable” straps. Unlike standard bra straps that are shortened or elongated via a piece of plastic or metal, this one has a sewn-together loop of fabric secured around both straps on the back of the bra.

This material can be moved higher or lower which instantly creates a tighter or looser fit. The FP Movement bra “fits perfectly,” according to one shopper who says they wear a size DDD, as well as another who goes with an AA cup. In fact, reviewers of many shapes and sizes agree repeatedly in the reviews that they “love how flattering” both the style and fit are and said they “highly recommend” it to anyone.

One shopper wrote that they’re typically a size 36D in regular bras and that the M/L size is “extremely comfortable and flattering.” Another shopper who identified their size as 34DDD said the bra is simply “so comfortable and cute” and they were so happy with their purchase, they “will order more of this bra!”

And a third shopper who said they wear a AA highlighted that the bra comes in “terrific colors,” and that it didn’t “flatten” the shape of their chest. The reviewer wrote that they have worn it while running and to a yoga or barre class and that it “supports well and does not constrict.”

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